Friday, May 07, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Your choice Card stencil or Wedding Ring Squares $1.00 each today only!

Hello everyone,
      Well it's Friday and the start of another glorious holiday weekend!   I hope all the Mom's and Grandmother's have a wonderful holiday celebration this weekend.   Remember also to thank all those ladies in your life that fill in when Mom can't be around.   I can't imagine how empty my life would be not only without my Moms but also my friends who act like Moms!  So three cheers to all the wonderful ladies in my life!

      Now on to my Frugal Friday specials.   Since I had a sale last Friday I didn't have a special so now you get two $1.00 specials.   For today only you get your choice of my wedding rings square file or my card stencil file for $1.00 each.  This price expires at midnight EST today....May 7, 2010.  Click on the words below to purchase.  Before you leave though please keep reading and check out the wonderful projects I have to share.

Wedding Ring Squares
Card Stencil
First up we have a lovely card for Caz's Mum.   Caz is an Aussie and calls her Mom "Mum".  It's funny the slight differences in different lands.  Caz's Mum is into quilting and this file was based on the double wedding rings quilt pattern.  So it's the perfect choice for Caz's card!  I just love the color scheme she chose...would be perfect for an anniversary card too!  Ohh and I just realized I have those flower brads .....but I didn't even think to put them in the center of those flowers.  They are the perfect accent aren't they!  Thanks for the inspiration Caz!

Next up we have a wonderfully dimensional card by Brett.   I designed the card stencil file to decorate the inside of greeting cards.   Brett surprised me by using showcasing it on the front of the card using dimensional stencil paint.   I love this look!  Brett said I could experiment with some light weight spackling to get the same look.  I have some and hope to try it someday.  She said you can even color the spackling with glimmer mist, reinkers, or possibly paint.  Great technique Brett!

Now I'd like to share with you two wonderful cards!  I love making cards and love seeing cards made by others.  It gets my wheels turning and is so inspiring.  I hope you are inspired too!  Both of these ladies used my Notebook Edge: Small Journaling Blocks file for the inside of their cards.   When I created this file I had journaling on scrapbook pages in mind but I'm loving the way these ladies used it on their cards.  Brilliant!
Click below if you'd like to purchase the notebook edge file.  The lines are included in the can use your pen tool on your cutter machine to draw them in if you choose.
Notebook Edge: Small Journaling Blocks 
or the larger version
Notebook Edge: Journaling Boxes/photo mats

There is a fancier version too called: Notebook Edge: Shaped Notes.  The flower and swirl are included. 
My rolled up flowers I previewed early are finally in the store.  I am pretty happy with the way they turned out.  It would be interesting to experiment with them to see if they can be made fuller and maybe bend down all the petals and put pearls, gems, or brads in the center.   Click words below if you'd like to purchase.

Rolled Up Flowers

I haven't shared any photos in a while.  I was getting ready to print out some photos to send with Mom's cards and found these of my daughter.  I just love them so I figured they would be good ones to share.  I'm afraid since my son is at school I don't have that many photos of him...but you did just see him with his Mohawk a few posts back.

The last photo just cracks me up!  This was at Easter...we had decided to get an ice cream cake for desert.  As you can see Adoree loved it as she is licking the plate clean!  Hmm maybe I'll ask for one for Mom's Day as I love ice cream too!

Okay time to load the dishwasher before lunch!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a glorious weekend!


Ginger (Games) said...

Beautiful photos of your daughter. Love the ice cream one too! I think you deserve that cake, demand it! Thank you for using my card. Blushing!

Caroline said...

How cute is Adoree! love her fluffy hair as well, my youngest girl always seemed to have fluffy hair, so much so, her nickname was "fluffnut" LOL