Friday, August 13, 2010

Frugal Fridays: $1.00 Accordion Folded Flower today only and Iris Paper Folding

    Whew this has been on exhausting week!  We decided to have a yard sale tomorrow.  So we scoured just about every inch of our house for excess stuff that we just didn't need.  It was soo hard for me to get rid of stuff.  I have the mentality you never know when you may need something!   (The kids didn't want to give up their old toys either!)  But we did it!  I still have a few things to price but overall I'm ready!  Nothing is coming back into this house if it doesn't sell!  Hopefully this will get some stuff cleared out of the attic rooms and I can be one step closer to have a craft room for me and a play room for the kids. Yeah!  Wish us luck selling lots and it does feel great to declutter! 

     Now for the Frugal Friday special.  You get my Accordion Folded Flower file for only $1.00.  Hurry though this price expires today Aug 13, 2010 at midnight EST.  I created this file as a topper for my explosion box last year.  However, it seems recently that flowers like these were seen everywhere at CHA.  How about that I was actually ahead of the trend for once!  LOL!  Anyway, my file makes it very easy to make these flowers as the cutter can even do the score lines for you making everything perfectly spaced.  They are very versatile too just by changing the paper and center embellishments these work well for any season as you will see by the examples my CDT made below.  Click on the words if you would like to purchase the Accordion Folded Flower and keep up with the trend without emptying your wallet!

Accordion Folded Flower

I asked my CDT members if they could make this flower more Summer looking.  Boy did they meet the challenge!  Lisa and Caz did a wonderful job getting this flowers ready for Summer!  What a transformation!  Okay I know you want me to stop gabbing and show you huh!

See I told you Caz did a great job!  We both had to laugh when she finished these as they reminded us of tropical drink umbrellas.  Very Summery indeed!  It's amazing how just by changing the papers and adding a button could completely change the look of these flowers.  Don't they look great on Caz's colorful card too?!  I'm sorry I was hoping the Card Base 3 would be in the store today but I don't see it in the store should be there any day now though.  Please check back if you like it.  I will announce on this blog too when it's officially in the store.

Lisa did a great job too with the flowers she simply added a circle to the center.  I just love the colors in her card.  I also love how she turned the card base 3 on it's side.  The little green ribbon tails are a perfect accent.
I bet these flowers would even work for Fall or Halloween too by adding large brads or small pumpkins in the centers. 

Tyler loves to craft and even Santa got him some scrapbooking paper one year.  He is looking forward to having a crafting space up in the attic almost as much as I am I think.  Anyway, he had to make a thank you card.  So he decided he wanted to try his hand at Iris Paper Folding.  If you want to see more about this technique click here to see my previous blog post all about it.  The lady he is making the card for has two dogs that great us when we go to visit her.  So Tyler said we had to do a dog pattern for her.  We found this great pattern at Circle of Crafters.  I let Tyler pick out the papers himself and for the most part he folded each strip too.  Since the pattern had 28 pieces...I numbered the pieces to make it easier on him and did hold them down while he added the tape but overall he did quite well with little assistance from me.  I think he really enjoyed it and will be making another one for his cousins birthday next week.  He also loved that he got to play with my stamps too.  He also got to use my glitter glue in the center of the iris.  Yep...he is definitely my crafting buddy!  I'm sure Adoree would love to help us too but she is a little young yet for this particular technique!

Okay lunch and then more pricing of our unwanted items.  Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Four11Lady said...

You did a super job with this card! I would be so excited to receive a card like this... I haven't tried Iris paper folding myself (because I do not know how to) but when I do do you think that maybe you could come to my house and teach me?

Sue aka barracudasue said...

WOW, Tyler did an awesome job on his card!!!!!! Super Iris Fold, Tyler!!! He did better than I ever would!!!! ;)

Caroline said...

love Tyler's card.. he did a great job! lucky recipient! Hope all goes well with your yard sale