Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School Sale 40% off all my designs, L-shaped desk bargain, ribbon!

Howdy everyone!
          Sooo for many of you Summer vacation is over and the kiddos are back in school. Tyler doesn't start back until September 1st so he still has a few more days of leisure left.  Anyway, I decided why not have a back to school sale.   I for one plan on crafting more when my son goes back to school.  Taking care of one should be easier than taking care of two right?!  Click here to go shopping and save 40% off all my designs including cutter files, digital stamps, and digital scrapbooking kits. 

Time and Time again my CDT member Kelly Stone just amazes me!  I don't know how she finds the time to craft all these amazing projects while working and having a young infant.  Super Mom is she for sure!  Today I have a wonderful layout of her cutie to share with you. 

Isn't he just adorable!  Kelly decided to use my Circle and Wave Layout file but she turned it on it's side instead.  I never ever thought to do this but it does look awesome!  Way to think outside of the box Kelly! 
Kelly also used my Beach Boys file for the title.  It is the perfect match to her "Cool Dude" photos!  Great job Kelly!  Click on the words above each photo if you'd like to purchase any of the files Kelly used. 

Beach Boys

Circle and Wave Layout

I know many of you are like me and love ribbon!  Dare I say we are addicted!  So I just have to share a photo and the bargain I found with someone who would understand.  My hubby just shakes his head.  Don't you have enough ribbon? 
Would you look at all that ribbon!  I got this HUGE bag for only $4.00 at the Good Will store.  Most of it was still new shrink wrapped in it's package.  To give you an idea of how huge this bag is..this is my VERY TALL 3 year old and she can barely hold it!  I'm just thrilled I got all of that ribbon at such a steal!  I know I'm insane to get so excited over this..but hey it's good when little things amuse right! 

Well despite a few rain showers that made all our yard sale stuff wet...things went pretty well.  We sold a bunch of unwanted items and made money..what could be better!  Nothing went back into our all went to our church where they will sell it in their yard sale. 

So I've been super busy all week trying to get my craft room/ toy room ready.  We have horsehair plaster walls and that means lot of cracks and holes to repair.  I have to say by the time the walls were ready for primer I became quite good at applying pudding and sanding to a smooth finish!  I primed the walls last night and plan on painting the walls a wonderful shade of green on Sunday.  Sat I get a break from all the hard work I put into the room by going to a crop.  Yeah!

I do have a layout to share with you but I need to figure out what date the photos were taken so I can finish my layout.  I really need to take some time and organize all my photos some day!  Another thing to add to my never ending to do list!  That's okay though I'm sure my new craft room will force me to get some things done on the list.   Ohhh I'm sooo excited to have all my supplies in one space!

Ohhhh I almost forgot.  I have another bargain to share with you.  I have been in search of a table that would hold my cutter in my new craft space.  I definitely didn't want to spend a lot of money.  I was leaning towards making my own rolling cart as Paperthreads owner Michelle Hessler did in this photo.    I love the way she designed it to roll under her desk!  But then I was looking at the Staples Ad and came across the desk below.

It is much larger than it looks in the photo.  We got to see it in the store and I am quite impressed with it's size.  I figured the cutter could sit on the left side and my laptop can sit in the corner...then I'll still have a space to craft on the right side.  I can even get S hooks and hang my cutting mats underneath.  The price is $59.99 good until tomorrow only.  We had a $24.00 rewards card for bringing in empty ink cartridges so the desk only cost us $35.00!  Yeah!  I can't wait to put it together!  Click here to see the desk on the Staples website. 

Okay I have a lot of housework to get done before I can get ready for the crop.  So I'd better say toodles!  Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend!



Caroline said...

WOW! you certainly got a bargain with your ribbon... so jealous! and I love the table...