Friday, August 27, 2010

Frugal Fridays: $1.00 stick pins with Fabric cutter file today only!

Howdy everyone!
       August is quickly coming to an end.  Pretty soon September will be here and my son will go back to school.  We found out his teacher's name today also discovered that his friends from Kindergarten aren't in the same class as him.  Boo Hoo! Ahhh well I'm his Mom it's my job to worry but I know he'll do great!  I'm looking forward to taking those back to school photos.  I have made a goal by the end of September to complete a least a few layouts from Tyler's preschool and Kindergarten years as I have not done one school related page ever!  It will be a fun theme to do!  If any of you have some school inspired pages to share with me I'd love to see them please e-mail me at  I hope to do up some school themed files in the process so please share any ideas you have for them too.  Thanks!

       Now for the Frugal Friday special.  For today only you can get my Stick Pins with Fabric Cutter file for only $1.00 hurry though the price will expire at midnight EST today 8/27/2010.  I designed this file because many scrapbook papers remind me of fabric.  Also, I loved the look of stick pins poked through fabric but hated the idea of a sharp point appearing on my scrapbook pages and cards.  So I figured if I could replicate the look in a cutter file with paper then that would be wonderful!  I hope you agree.  Click on the words above the preview to purchase the file.  But before you leave please check out some project by my CDT.

Stick Pins With Fabric

Aussie Caz has been on a creative streak again.  I will share two projects with you today and then one more in a few days.
Caz did a great card with my Stick Pins with Fabric file and Card Base 1 file.  Don't ya think!  I love the colors she chose and what a great idea to turn the card base file on it's side.  For the pin Caz cut out two of the stick pins in gold paper and glued them back to back to resemble a real pin.  Next she punched two holes in the faux fabric and slid the pin through.  It looks so real!  I just love it!  If you'd like to duplicate Caz's card you can find the card base by clicking on the words above the preview.

Card Base 1

If you like this type of cutter file.  I do have a few others in the store and more to come in the future.

Card Base 2
Card Base 3

 Next up Caz has another fabulous card to share.

  I just love the bright colors and that glittery hummingbird!  I love that ribbon too!  As you all know I'm a sucker for ribbon.  I think it would be a fun challenge to pull out a piece of ribbon and design a card completely from the colors in that ribbon.  Hmmm....maybe one of these days I'll post that challenge.  After my craft room is organized! Ahhh it seems so funny to say that!  I do love having my own space but hate figuring out where everything should go!  I love watching that TV show Mission Organization...wish someone would come and do my house!  How about it anyone want to come and visit?

Hummingbird Card
We went to Shaver's Creek Environmental Center a few weeks a go.  It's a wonderful place!  They have various birds which were hit by cars or injured in some way and they keep them safe and take care of them.  There are plenty of wooded hiking trails and a little nature interactive room with learning games for the kids to play.  The kids really like it there.  So I thought I'd share a few photos with you.
The owl in the photo was one they brought out during their bird show.  It was great to see these animals up close without all those bars and learn a little about them.  I have no clue what this wild flower is called.  I just remember as a kid I would spend hours digging these up and replanting them in my patch of dirt I played in.  I still think they are just beautiful.  If anyone knows the name please speak up as I'd love to make a note of it in my scrapbook.  The picture below is of a bee hive they have in the one room.  It's fascinating watching all those bees work to make that honey!  I am glad there was a piece of glass between me and them though.

I found this photo particularly interesting and just had to share it with you.  It explains how long it takes things to naturally break down over time.  Click on the photo to make it larger if you can't read it.  I think it says 200 years for aluminum cans!   Gosh I'm glad we recycle!

One more fun photo then I'll say goodbye!  The kids were pretending to be "king of the mountain" while showing us their muscles.  Too funny!  We are soo lucky to live in a place that allows us to enjoy the not only the beauty but the fun nature has to offer. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


Caroline said...

Your "Kings of The Mountain" are sooooo cute!!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Those flowers look like Queen Anne's Lace...

The kids are so darn cute, Shelly! Adoree is quite the ham and Tyler is getting so big! I can't believe he's in first grade already! WOW!

Shelly said...

Ohhh yep...that's it! Thanks Sue for naming the flower for me. Thanks for the comments Caroline and Sue...I love reading them!