Friday, May 14, 2010

Frugal Fridays: $1.00 versatile box today only.

Hi everyone,
     It's Friday again!  That means it's time for my Frugal Friday special.   Today only you will get my collapsible box with ties file for  $1.00.   Hurry though this price is disappear at midnight EST today May 14, 2010.   Click on the words below to purchase. 

collapsible box with ties

I love that this box is secured with ribbon so when you are done it can be stored flat.   It can even be mailed in a card for a great surprise gift!  You can use it hold snacks like peanuts at a party if you line them with napkins.  It's also great to store little items like brads, eyelets, even to coral bottle of stickles.   You can cut it out of paper to match your decor too.  It's definitely a useful box and worth every penny!

I'd like to share with you a wonderful project Jane shared with  me.  Jane was the inspiration behind this airplane box.   She used it for the Delta Pioneers Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, filled with goodies and raffle tickets.  I think they decorated the table wonderfully!  Thanks for sharing your awesome project Jane!

I think these would make great party favor for a boys party too!  Click on the words below if you'd like to purchase a plane and take flight yourself!
airplane box

I also have a Prop plane box designed as another request which will be in the store is a sneak peek.

I am working on a digital wedding kit too and hope to have that in the store soon.  Here's a sneak peek at some of the elements and papers in that.
Sooo see I have been doing something other than spending time on Facebook!  LOL!  I do have many ideas swimming in my head and hopefully I can get them on paper soon!

I have been enjoying all the Spring flowers lately.  The previous post I showed you my daughter enjoying the tulips and now I'd like to share with you the lilacs.   They are done blooming now but boy did they smell heavenly and look beautiful when they are in full glory!  Looks like the peonies are next to bloom...I love them as well!  Before I had kids by scrapbooks were filled with flower will be great this summer now that my daughter is older I should be able to rekindle my passion for flowers again.

Have a glorious weekend!  Looks like the warmer weather is returning!  Yeah! Oh and to the right you'll see I installed a chat box so hopefully it will be easier for you to leave comments and ask me questions.  


Barracudasue said...

I love your versatile box, Shelly and I used it for my daughter's wedding AND Clay's shower! It is just SO cool! There's no occasion you can't use this for just by changing the paper and the ribbons! See, you saved me a buck cause I already have this one! ROFLOL That will go in my KNK fund! ROFLOL See, I've already started it. Now, 634 more dollars and I'll have it. ROFLOL