Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Technique Tuesdays: Ribbon Tree, freebie and another teacher's gift

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday seasons. I am listening to Christmas music and it's cold outside. I was watching a movie about Chirstmas in LA. I can't imagine being in shorts and celebrating Christmas. Just doesn't seem like Christmas without having to bundle up!

Okay on to the technique. This is a quick simple one in which you can use up some of those ribbon scraps or ribbons you have too many of! I am demonstrating it being used as a tree but any die cut can be used. Remember you can click on the photo to see it larger.

A few examples for embellishing your tree. OH Psst...I have the tree freebie for you later.

Hints and Tips:
I used plain ivory cardstock for my tree because I knew the ribbons would cover the tree completely. If you are using sheer ribbons keep in mind your base tree will show through.

Scor-Tape or Terrifically Tacky Tape (Red-Line) hold very well just about anything you want to add to your tree. Seed beads look very pretty but know that your base will show through that is why I added them on top of the red ribbon instead of the actually paper tree. You can add glitter in the same way. Just lay down the tape and sprinkle glitter on top. Flower Soft would work too...how about trying candy sprinkles!

Dew drops, pearls, brads, or dots of glitter glue can be added to the tree to act as ornaments.

It is very important you get the glue evenly dispersed on your die cut. If you don't you'll get bumps or loose unattractive ribbons.

You WILL get some fraying. You can apply some fray stop to the ends if that bothers you. Personally, I think it adds to the handmade charm and I actually considered using my scissors to make the ribbon fray and doing a rustic looking tree!

You can use any shape you'd like to as your base die cut...but keep in mind you will have to trim the ribbons off later. More intricate shapes will be harder to trim around.

This method can be used to decorate a photo frame too. Ribbon comes in such a variety of colors and style..it would be very easy to make a frame to match your decor.

You can substitute the ribbon with paper strips. Please note things look better if you vary the widths of the paper strips. This is a fabulous use of paper scraps!

Below is my example of a rather non-traditional looking Christmas tree. I loved this paper and thought the ribbon strips went with it so well. My inking could have been done better though. Oh and sorry about the photo..I didn't have the best lighting when I took it and it was too dark to go outside.

I used my folded photo corners for this card. I love how they fold around the corner of the paper or photo so no glue touches the photos. These are also great for placing photos onto card fronts since the recipient can remove the photo easily when they receive the card. If you'd like to purchase the file click preview below.

I'd also like to share with you another teacher's gift I recently made. My son's teacher asked for hand sanitizer to be donated throughout the year so I decorated the bottle with a penguin. Penguins are their mascots so it is great for a Winter theme for the classroom. After taking the photo so you wouldn't see the glare I applied clear contact paper to my design to protect it from Kindergarten hands! If yours is all paper then decoupage is a great sealer. I just wasn't sure how it would react with the Flower Soft I used on the scarf and hat...or the rhinestones I used on the snowflakes.

If you love this penguin and have to have it NOW! LOL! You must purchase my membership. Click the preview below to purchase it. You will be getting at least 20 files for one low price of $10.00 a grand deal! You can also purchase gift memberships. All you need to do is provide the Paperthreads forum name of the person you are buying the membership for. If you aren't a member of Paperthreads forum it's is easy and free to register.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a ribbonriffic technique with you! LOL! As a parting gift I am giving you the tree I used in my demo. I designed this tree with very simple straight edges making it perfect for this technique. Please be sure to grab it now if you want it. It will be gone in 24 hours. The zip file contains the AI, GSD, KNK, SVG, and WPC formats. Even though this file is free right now my TOU still applies. I ask that you DO NOT share this file but direct them here to download it themselves. Sorry freebie has expired.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your Technique!!!!! I can't stand to throw away ribbon scraps...this is perfect!!!! GREAT job!!!

Rebecca said...

Shelly, What a really cute & great way to use up ribbon scraps! Thanks so much for sharing the technique & the free tree file!

Caroline said...

what a great idea! Thanks for the freebie too :)

BY the way... we just got out of the pool and into our our airconditioning... too HOT to be outside here LOL

Carol's Crafts said...

WOW, I never would have thought of doing this with my scraps, but it's a fabulous idea. thanks for the freebie too.

Margie said...

This is a wonderful freebie! Thank you!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Thanks for the freebie and technique. LOVE your penguin file as you very well already know! LOL

jzayler said...

Thanks Shelly for the freebie - I got so excited about the penguin that I booked right over to PT to download it and I had to come back to thank you for the tips and the pattern here!

Carol said...

How fun! Thanks for the idea and the freebie.


Esther W-B said...

Thanks for the freebie and tutorial Shelly. I love the look of the ribbons done diagonally.