Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patty Day's sale and a freebie!

It's your lucky day!  Laury and I have teamed up to provide you with a great sale!  You'll find the ultimate variety in our two stores.  I not only have cutter files but also digital scrapbooking kits, Commerical Use digital scprapbooking templates and even a digital stamp.   You can find Laury's designs here and mine here.

Before you go I've got a few things to share and a freebie!

First up here is a wonderfully elegant card my talented CDT member Brett made.

I am not good at the classical elegant style.  I'm so glad Brett is an expert at it!   She made great use of my Playful flowers, leaves and branches file.    Click on the preview below if you'd like to purchase this file and make a grand card like Brett's yourself!

I swear one of these days I will make a card ahead of time and not rush to get it out the door to the mailman!  I so wanted to try one of the joy fold cards I've been seeing lately.  I came across Claudia Rosa's amazing tut for a 6 x 6 card and just had to try it.   I knew I would be making more so to save some time and not to have to measure (I loath measuring!)  I decided to make a cutter file for it.'ll find it as a freebie at the end of this post!  Claudia's card is just beautiful and even though I didn't have time to add all the great embellishments she did  I think MIL will still like it!

I used my digital stamp entitled Spring Watering Can.  You can purchase it here in my store.  It's a steal at 40% off!  I also used the current Transparent Touches kit.  I do not have any LSS or even craft stores near me so I was looking for a monthly kit club that would allow me to have all the stuff I don't have access to delivered right to my door.  My good friend Elizabeth told me about Transparent Touches.  I have only gotten 2 kits so far but am soo pleased with them.   They have a ton of paper and embellishments and is a great value for the price.   If you do sign up  for a 6 month commitment can you do me a favor and mention me as I'll get a free gift!  I know that's a shameless plug but hey I truly am pleased with the kit.  Just about everything I used on the card except the brads, my digital stamp, and ribbon came from the TT kit.  I love that the paper is double sided giving you even more options and making it perfect for boxes too!  They actually offer 3 different kits to choose from each month so if you only use boyish papers then you can pick the boyish kit and vice versa!   Oh enough gushing..can you tell I'm soo happy Elizabeth introduced me to this club!   Thanks girlie!

Okay now on to your freebie.   You will get all the cutting pieces needed to make your own joy fold card just like Claudia did in  her tut.   I have also included in the file a shortcut link to her tut so you can refer to it for instructions.  Just be sure to cut the green line to dashed as that is your fold line.  You get the AI, KNK, GSD, SVG, and WPC versions in the zip.  You can download it HERE.  I plan on leaving this up indefinitely so there is no rush to get it.  I just ask that you please refer people to my site to download it themselves instead of sharing it.

Stop by Laury's blog she has a lovely card that will get you ready for Spring.  Click here

Thanks for stopping by.  I do hope you're enjoying your weekend.  I'm still feeling icky but at least my fever broke.  My daughter didn't sleep much last night due to coughing but she doesn't seem bad when she is up and moving.  Poor dear I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all this sickness go away!  Still raining here.  My little girl (she is 2) looked out the back yard and said "look mommy we can go swimming now!".  Gotta love her humor!

My son is begging me to play the I'd better go!  Hope you enjoy the freebie..hope it makes life easier for you and please share with me any cards you make.


Kerry said...

Absolutely love your blog - so bright, so cheery - delightful to read! Thanks for the freebie. Kerry P.

Tamara Putvin said...

Love the update Shelly, Your files are beautiful.. Thank you so much for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Yipppeee, I am so glad you like your kits :)
The card you made it beautiful, i love it. I wish I could come up and help you with the kids while you have been sick, I just hope everyone gets over it and it makes it way out the door.
Thanks for the freebie, will post a link to it and Laurys on my blog later today.

Caroline said...

Thank you for the freebie, love your card. Glad to hear you are on the mend, lets hope your family is all better soon :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Shelly thank you for sharing the inside of the card it is beautiful
I looks like so much fun to do as well.
Hope you are feeling better soon (Spring is coming)
Thanks for the freebie too

and you have to love what little kids say
Hope you had fun with the WII

Carol's Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful card with us.

barracudasue said...

Thanks, Shelly! You rock!

Lisa Avolio said...

The file will be a real timesaver for that card. Beautiful sample, too. Now I have to go read the directions.

AnnW said...

I love your card, especially the digi stamp. Great Job! Thank you for freebie card base file.

Anna said...

Thank you so much for the awesome file and I hope you are feeling better.