Friday, September 02, 2016

Do you see the world in a Papertrey Ink Rainbow?

When you look through the projects on my definitely will see my love of Papertrey Ink products.   I think I have influenced my daughter to love their products too...I have a little story to tell about our sneaker buying experience.

So we were in the store a few weeks ago looking for back to school sneakers for my 9 year old daughter.  While browsing the shelves for shoes that didn't have pink in them...(she is anti-pink now..but last year it was her favorite color!)...she said something that made me laugh.  I don't remember her exact words but when she spotted the sneaker above she said something like Mom those sneakers have aqua mist shoelaces on them.  Aqua Mist is one of Papertrey ink's colors.  I was soo impressed that she made the connection between the PTI ink color I use and the shoelace color.  This isn't the first time she has done this sort of thing.  She has mentioned before..about this and that resembling other PTI colors when we are out and about.   She sees the world in a PTI rainbow!  Just to tell you where her priorities are..she knows all my ink color names but has yet to memorize her multiplication tables!  :)

I will be back soon with the lastest Make it Monday challenge at PTI so I'll see you soon!  Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend!