Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SAF: Farewell

The festivities of Stamp-a-faire have come to an end.  I only got to participate in 5 of the 9 techniques.  The good news is the videos are there waiting for me when I have a chance to play again!  Gotta love that!  In fact by clicking HERE you can see technique videos not only from SAF this year but from past years. 

As a fitting goodbye I am sharing a photo of all the projects I made for this SAF.  It's sad that it is over.  But frankly my desk can't take any more crafting without a clean up first.  I did fairly well at putting away stamp sets as I went this time but I always end up with what looks like a ticker tape parade on the floor when I'm finished!

I do apologize for the barrage of posts in one night.. as I'm sure you are well aware I don't normally post that often.  But the deadline for entering the challenges is 7am on the 26th so I figured I'd rather create and then upload everything when I'm done.  Now I can go to sleep!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please come back again!



Bev Wilkinson said...

Congrats on your win! Great cards too!

Leigh Penner said...

Oh, these are all wonderful! Congratulations on winning!

obee said...

Such a fun event! Congrats on your win!