Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm proud to announce a new member of my design team: Johanne Larouche!

Guess what!  My light bulb went from dim to bright if only for a moment!  LOL!   I was looking at all the amazing cards submitted to my card sketch challenge on Paperthreads.  I got caught up looking through Johanne's gallery and oohing and awwwing over her wonderful creations.  All of sudden my light bulb lit up and I decided to ask Johanne to join my team.  I was thrilled she said yes.  She will add a fabulous French flair to my team!   I'm soooo happy to have her aboard!  Check out Johanne's bio below along with a few of her amazing projects.   On the Paperthreads forum Johanne is known as Jojogeo.

 Below is what Johanne has to say about herself:

"I am a mother of 2 young adults.  I have been living with my husband for almost 30 years, traveling in different country and living in many provinces of Canada.  I love any kind of manual activities:  embroidery, sewing, weaving making cakes and paper crafting. Making cards and scrapbook pages have been part of my life for quite a while.  My husband bought me my KNK for our 25th wedding anniversary which has open doors I never knew it existed. One of my short term goals would be  to experiment in using my KNK for paper embroidery and cake decorating.  I am very proud of becoming part of Shelly's Art Creative Design Team and am looking forward to present my work to my friends of the paper crafting world."

And now for some terrific projects by Johanne:

Johanne used my Infinity Card:  Birthday file to make this great birthday card.  The happy birthday phrase is included with the file.   The flourish is from Sam and Hailey's designs Swirly Style 4.   The flowers are mine but aren't in the store just yet. I love how Johanne used stamps to spruce up the spaces and also the photographs of past birthday cakes she had made.   Isn't Johanne super talented?!  Oh and case you haven't seen on of these card before.  You start with the main panel and then open other panels to get a different panel and then you keep opening again and again..the fun never ends!  I just love these's sooo much fun to receive an interactive card like this!  If you would like to purchase my file to make your own infinity card please click on the words above the preview.

Infinity Card:  Birthday

I know this blog post is getting long but I have to show you at least one more wonderful project by Johanne before you go.

Johanne created the above card for my sketch challenge this month.  She did a great job utilizing Aussie Caz's terrific sketch didn't she!  Here is what Johanne had to say about her card:

"For this card, I used Shelly's Art Flourish Set SS00224. I applied Crackled accent on it and it gave the card some 3D look. I made the word ''Merci'' and applied some Crystal Stickles on it. To finish the card, I applied 3 of Kylee's crystal dews in the color pesto. The papers are from Tim Coffey from KE Company."

I just love the crackle paint on the flourish.  I definitely need to dig out mine to duplicate this look in the future.  I just love the texture and depth it adds!  (sorry the flourish isn't available in my store yet).  I love that french word "Merci" seems sooo much more elegant than our language!  I must be going batty as I know Johanne sent me the translation for the other sentiment but I can't for the life of me find it.  I'll blame the e-mail gremlins!   If I do find the translation...I'll edit this post to add it later. Edited to add:  Lisa gave us the translation "After love and help, thank is assuredly the third most beautiful verb in all languages."  Thanks Lisa! 

Now can you see why I jumped at the chance to have Johanne on my team!  You'll be seeing more wonderful projects by her in the future so stay tuned! 

Sorry I haven't been blogging much.  We just have been very busy lately.  Hopefully, July will be better and I can be in touch more.

Tyler has been keeping really busy too.  The day after Tyler got done with regular school..he started basketball school.  It was a 3 day adventure for a couple hours each day and he seemed to really enjoy it.  I don't have a sports mode on my camera and I was trying to keep Adoree out of harm's way with all the basketballs flying around so I didn't get a lot of good sports shots.   I love my camera but the next one we buy will have a sport mode.  I did get one funny shot and thought I'd share it with you.  Not sure what Tyler was laughing about but I love the body language here!

Below is a nice posed picture.
Okay I've made this post long enough so I'll say toodles!  Thanks for stopping by!  See ya soon!  Have a wonderful week!


Kelly S said...

Good idea bringing Johanne onto the team. Her work is phenomenal. Love those pictures of Tyler. Man, he is growing fast.


Barracudasue said...

Oh Shelly, you are brilliant for picking Johanne for you Team! Congratulations to both of you! You've got a superb team already and adding Johanne is just making it even better! You rock!

LOVE the pictures of Tyler and his basketball! Super, super pictures! I can see scrapbook pages for them in the future! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your little corner of the world with us!

Lisa said...

Congrats on adding Johanne! Lovely creations using your wonderful files.
Here's a shot at a translation-
After love and help, thank is assuredly the third most beautiful verb in all languages.