Friday, May 20, 2011

Membership Club reveal!

Money is tight these days for all of us.  So when you buy something you want to know it's the best deal.  Trust me my membership club is a great value!   Well you don't have to take my word for it.  Check out the slideshow below and you will see every single file that you will get if you purchase my membership.  No more suprises!

So do you like what you see?  There are 22 files total.  You can purchase my membership and get all 22 files for just $10.00.  That's less than 50 cents a file!    An awesome deal!    Please purchase my membership here.     Before you leave though please check out what Aussie Caz has created.

Caz is simply a digital Whiz!  She took my strawberry digital stamp, strawberry delight digital papers, and card base 7 cutting file (only available through membership) to make this wonderful digital card.  I think it looks fab!  Oh and keep in mind the digital papers can be printed from your home computer and the digi stamp can also be printed and colored by hand for a hybrid card if you are more comfortable working with physical products.

Okay I've gotta go!  Adoree's birthday party is tomorrow and this house is a wreck!  Can you believe it Adoree is 4!  She looks soo grown up now...where has my baby gone!

Have a wonderful weekend...think sunny thoughts!


Ginger (Games) said...

Happy Birthday Adoree!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Your membership is phenomenal, Shelly! The variety of files were outstanding and they are SO easy to cut. The instructions are very easy to follow and in whole, they are AWESOME! You put your heart and soul into your memberships and I sincerely appreciate this one especially since I know you were having issues with your foot and it was difficult for you to head up the stairs to your craft room. GOD BLESS YOU, my friend! This, as others in the past, is SUPER fantastic, wonderful, useful and totally incredible! ALL good things must come to an end. Hope things are getting better for you and thanks SO much for an incredible 3 months! I love you! :D

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Adoree! hugs from caz in Australia :)