Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Mom's Day, NSD and sale time!

Hello everyone,

Just popping in to let you know that I am having a sale this weekend in honor of all our beloved Mom's and also to honor a beloved hobby of mine.  Scrapbooking.  I have not scrapped as much as I used to since I became a Paperthreads Designer but I still love the hobby and hope to get back on track in June.  NSD I believe is Sat.  So my sale starts today and ends Sunday, midnight EST  May 8, 2011.  You get 40% off all my files in my store (sorry membership club not included) which includes cutter files, digital scrapbooking, and digital stamps.  I have have many items that would work as gifts for that special Mom in your life and also for scrapbookers too.  It would be great to combine both and make a layout as a unique gift for Mom.  Click here to go shopping.  

Have you joined my membership club yet? mean I haven't convinced you yet!  LOL!  It really is a great value as you get at least 2o files for a mere $10.00.  I just added up 5 of the files included in membership at the 40% off price and they add up to about $10.00 alone!  So see I wasn't lying to's a steal and a majority of the files you can't even purchase in the store yet individually.  You can see what has been uploaded to the membership thus far in a slide show to the right of my blog.  Click here to purchase the membership.    Check out the newest additions to the membership below.

I posted a poll and membership participants agreed they would like 2 digital stamps included in the membership.  So here is one of them used on a yummy card designed by Shelly M.  I just love her simply yet wonderful rendition.  The stamp comes with various sayings as you can see below.

I had a request for some more tickets like my Beach Tickets.  So I figured birthdays would be a good general topic to do tickets for.  These can be used on cards as well as scrapbook pages.  I even included a blank one that can be used with your personal rubber and clear stamps to make a customized ticket for any occasion.

How about using your cutter to create an actual award ribbon which when a pin is added to the back can be worn!  You could replace the star with the words "#1 Mom"  to make a great gift for that super gal of yours.  It could be attached to a skewer and stuck in a plant as  a decoration too.  You could easily change the colors to match your favorite sports team or even use pink and white for breast cancer survivors.  I could go on and on about the versatility of this file but I don't want to bore you!
I had a request for more photo corners similar to my Folded Photo Corners so I designed a set just for our Moms.  I think they would work great for Teens too!  They are unique in that they form a pocket to slide your photos into which allows them to be removed later. Elizabeth did these up for me and you can see in the photo below she used my fav..tulip corner for her photo of her adorable kids!   They are a little older now  but they are still adorable! 

Wow!  I gabbed more than any one person should!  LOL!  You can see the rest of the membership club files in my slide show to the right.  For now I will end this message by sharing a few photos.

Here is a photo of my Mom and Dad with the kids.  I'm not sure if I have one of these with MIL and FIL this year.  I always make an effort to take a few family photos but we used hubby camera too this year and I'm not sure what is on his camera.  UGH!   Anyway, being a Mom or even a parent for that matter isn't easy.  I sure gave my parents a hard time or two when I was a kid and I sure do appreciate them more now than before I had kids.  The baskets were almost too big to be in the photos so we had to put one on the floor.  I love how our cat Billy snuck into the photo!  Adroee looked soo pretty in her dress!  Handsome Tyler got to wear church sandals since his church shoes no longer fit him.  I love his "big" feet in this photo!

We are always telling Adoree she acts like a princess at times.  So now she has a crown.  (Well she did it fell in the toilet and had to be thrown away..YIKES!)  It was in the basket Grandma got for her and she just loved it!  The socks are from the Easter Bunny and have Princess Tiana on them.  She absolutely loves decorative socks!  I love how Daddy is looking up at his princess in this photo!  I do think Adoree's personality matches Charolette more so than Tiana though.  There are times when I tell her to do something and she says "Yes your highness or Yes your majesty!"  Oh well gotta love her will take her far in life!

Okay...Adoree is a camera hog and I had a hard time finding any good Easter photos of just Tyler so I thought I'd share his missing tooth photo with you.  I honestly don't know how such a little tooth left such a big hole!  Tyler actually won't have a hole for long as his mouth doesn't like to give up teeth and they don't come loose until a new one pushes it out.  Tyler is a brave boy though as he pulls the tooth out himself with only his hand and a paper towel!

Oh and here is one more photo...I just love it too much not to share it!
This year instead of getting them baskets filled with cheap toys and candy they don't need we got them the Nick Wii Fit game.  It is great and they will exercise while playing it so I definitely think it's worth a lot more than a ton of chocolate!  Oh and the kids loved the Easter clues I mentioned in a previous post.  Tyler was able to read the clues but Adoree was the one who was the better detective as she was the one who found the clues first and ultimately saw the baskets before Tyler did!  So if we ever have to go on a scavenger hunt I want her on my team!  LOL!

Oh gosh it's definitely lunch time.  Rumble..rumble!  Happy Mother's Day for all the Mom's, Grandmothers and caregivers out there.  The world would be sooo horribly different without you and all you do for your children!  Bless all of you!  Go and treat yourself as you more than deserve it!

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Sue aka barracudasue said...

Adoree lives up to her name in that one picture of her. That's priceless!

I don't know how such a little tooth left such a big hole! WOW, Tyler!!! :)

I LOVE the last picture of the kids! That is just tooooooo adorable! They both look SO happy! Your kids are adorable...ooooo, don't tell Tyler I called him "adorable"...he's SO handsome! PHEW---saved! :)