Thursday, October 28, 2010

Babies, airplanes, corn stalk dolls, rock climbing and Halloween???

I had sooo many great projects come to my email box lately that I just couldn't wait to share them with you!  So let's get started!

First up we have Karen's fabulous Prop Plane boxes.  She made them for her grandson's 5th birthday party.  They were a big hit filled with treats!

Karen is such a great MiMi (spelling?) for making sooo many boxes!  Here is what Karen had to say about her boxes.

"I cut the planes from brown/tan cardstock and then inked them with brown and green.  We added a few sticker stars too.  I cut the bottoms out of cardstock and then I created little triangles that I cut camo pp out and glued to the cardstock.  I also inked the clouds."

I just love the inking...great way to make the planes look similar to camouflage.  The little stars are the perfect touch!  I can definitely tell a lot of love went into these boxes! :)

Karen used my Prop Plane Box file.  If you'd like to purchase on the words above the preview below.

Prop Plane Box

Next up CDT member Lisa had a lot of fun with my Clothes Line Baby cards.  

This last one was modeled after Aussie Caz's sketch for this month's sketch challenge on the Paperthreads Forum.  I just love the sentiment on the inside!  It's soooo true!  Click on the photo to make it larger if you can't read the sentiment.

I am absolutely terrible at figuring out which pattern papers will look good together.  Lisa is a pro at it...I just love the papers she chose!  The little buttons are such a cute accent too.  Yep..Lisa did wonders with my file.  I'm thinking if I get some time I should copy her cards so  I have one on hand when I need it. 

There is a boy and girl version of these cards in my store so click on the words above the cards to purchase them. (a cutting file is included for the clothespins)

Clothes Line Baby Boy Card

Clothes Line Baby Girl Card 

Are you ready for Halloween?  I'm not quite ready but am hoping to get some things done today and tomorrow.  I will have some Halloween projects to share with you tomorrow too.    I did manage to get one more Halloween file done and it will be in the store soon.  See a sneak peek of it below.

I love how it acts as an embellishment but also a title for scrapbook pages.  I have the 2009 version in the store already here.  In case you are like me and behind in your scrappin'!  This was inspired by the movie Charlotte's Web.  I just love that kids have never seen it so I think we'll be renting it soon!

We had a blast at Shaver's Creek last weekend.  The weather was warmer than ever so the Halloween trail sold out even though it never has in previous years.  We were disappointed we couldn't go on the trail but there were many other activities going on.  So much that they were kicking us out...we didn't even have time to carve our pumpkins!  I won't bore you with tons of photos but I just have to share a few.

Above is Tyler with his corn husk doll.  I had never made one of these before and it was pretty neat how they went together.  Tyler made a boy and Adoree made the girl version.  Tyler even learned a lesson in that these were what people considered toys when there wasn't things like video games and TV.  

They have a rock climbing wall at Shaver's Creek that in the past when we went it was always inaccessible.  This time they had it available.  Daddy got into the act and my adventurous child Adoree got in on the action!

There was a horn on top you had to honk.  Hubby did it even though he is afraid of heights.  Yeah!

There you can see my dare devil climbing the wall!  She showed no fear what so ever!  They had an easier wall on the left but she wanted to climb the one Daddy did so that is why Daddy is helping her.  Tyler is afraid of heights but I don't think Adoree is!

Okay I don't know why but I always start working on these blog posts and by the time I am done my belly is rumbling!  So I must say goodbye!  Thanks for stopping by and check back tomorrow for some fun Halloween projects...I also need an opinion on a layout too...can't seem to figure out how to finish it.