Friday, October 29, 2010

No tricks only treats...40% off all my designs.

I don't have a Frugal Friday special for you but I have something even better!  I have put all my designs on sale for 40% off.  A great little treat dontchya think!  I have a variety of items in my store including cutter files, digital scrapbooking kits, and digital stamps.  I even have a few items that you can quickly make up as last minute gifts for those special trick or treaters.

Sue is never last minute when it comes to anything.  She shared her version of my cat tic tac holder within hours of it hitting the store!  This time of year we call  her the energizer pumpkin!  A week would't be the right without her sharing one of her wonderful creations.  Sorry...enough talking..let's show you her project!

Here is what Sue had to say about her little kitty. 

"I'm making them for my co-workers and I hope they don't take offense on me giving them Tic Tac's! ROFLOL.  The base and mat are done in neon and rainbow crayons, the back of the cats head is done in black crayon and then I tied it all off with fiber yarn. I thought this would really be different than the ribbon in the previous two."

Sue told me the eyes and collar are done with glitter glue.  I just love how the eyes are glowing and the fiber reminds me of kitty hair...tooo puurrrfect!  Sorry I couldn't resist.

I plan on making up some of these tic tac holder for my kids tomorrow before trick or treating starts.  They go together quick and I'll be done lickety split!  During the sale you can get the whole collection for only $3.09 that's almost $1.00 a piece..a great deal!  Click on the words below to get something special made for those trick or treaters before it's too late.

Tic Tac Holder Collection

If you don't need the whole problem..they are also available individually.  Ghost, cat, pumpkin.  Click on the highlighted words to purchase.  You can also see Sue's versions of these in previous posts.

Isn't Jan's porch just amazing looking!  I love those pumpkins!  Now what's Jan's secret to making those cute pumpkins but not getting her hands messy!  Simply Jan used vinyl to cut the faces from my Build a Jack-o-lantern file.   Jan made one and hubby made one too.  I love the hat on hubby's!  I've never purchased the white pumpkin before but I just love it!  I also love how Jan put the pumpkins beside the scarecrows kinda like their pets!  I plan on doing this sometime today too..just got a dig out that vinyl and let the kids pick their faces.  (Better than picking their noses huh LOL).  Click on the words above the preview to purchase the file and make your own non messy jack-o-lanterns.

Build a Jack-o-lantern

Once again it is lunch time!  Where has the morning gone!  Gotta eat lunch then we get to see Tyler parade around the school in his Halloween costume.  Hope he doesn't get too cold!  Thanks for stopping by.  Oh and I still need an opinion on that layout.  I'll try and take a photo of it and post tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.
Happy Halloween!



Sue aka Energizer Pumpkin said...

WOW, now that's a sale, Shelly!

Energizer Pumpkin? Well, at least it wasn't the Energizer Witch! ROFLOL What am I going to be for Thanksgiving and Christmas??? Energizer Turkey (ROFLOL) and Energizer Christmas Lights? YOU can come up with something better than that, Ms. Nickname Giver! ROFLOL

Thanks for showcasing Ms. Kitty! Did you notice I cut her tail off? Quite by accident but it still looks cute! LOL

Heading to the Store to see if there's something of yours I DON'T have..... LOL