Sunday, October 31, 2010

I still have treats left.... 40% all my designs!

I have put all my designs on sale for 40% off.  A great little treat dontchya think!  I have a variety of items in my store including cutter files, digital scrapbooking kits, and digital stamps.  Click  here to visit my store.

I also need you opinion on this layout.  I started it at a crop many moons ago then worked on it at the PT retreat but have yet to finish it.  We all agree that something needs to go in that vast space of patterned paper on the right...but what?  I'm sorry about the glare but I used my Vampire Spider file for the title on the left hand side of the page.   So technically I don't need a title but I do need something.  Any thoughts?  I sooo want to complete these pages so please any input would be greatly appreciated.

click on the photo to make it larger if you need to.  I promise I'll post a better photo of along with details once it's completely finished!

Last night we carved our pumpkins and had Trick or Treating.  The kids had a blast!  Here they are in their costumes.  Aren't my little cheerleader and GI Joe goodness how fast they are growing as compared to them in the layout from a few years ago above.
Here is Adoree's pumpkin.  She picked a kitty.  We gave it to a friend of ours who has a sick kitty.   I didn't have my tripod for this one so it's a little blurry..sorry!

Here's Tyler's Jack-o-lantern.  He chose this scary pattern called Mr. Death.  I had a hard time carving this one and actually broke one of the delicate joints because as hubby pointed out I should have pushed the pieces from out the back.  Lesson learned!

Okay I need to put Adoree down for a nap, rake leaves, clean the bathroom and make up  grocery list so I'd better go!  Hope you're having a wonderful Halloween!  Thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

Shelly, next time you can use toothpicks for the broken pumpkin part, do it with those little thin things that get cut off. love the pumpkins and the costumes.

Your lo is great but I agree, do you have any super close ups of the kids like inches or 2x2?

Hope this helps. Games

Sue aka barracudasue said...

How about just the year the pictures were taken in that blank space? We always remember the date close to when pictures were taken but YEARS from now, will you wonder what year that was????

Adoree and Tyler look absolutely precious in the then and now pictures. Adoree makes a beautiful ballerina and Tyler is a super GI Joe! I'm super partial to the penguin costume Adoree has on in the LO. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

Deb C said...

ah Shelly I got a treat - the tic tac files - still have to make them but they look like so much fun - Christmas ones ??? hint hint

Have fun tonight they sure have grown from your layout - Not being a scrapper could you not make a bigger penguin with a bib like she was wearing on the left side but you are right 2 cute to spook both of them

Caroline said...

Happy Halloween Shelly, hope your adorable children have a ball!! cheers, caz

Lisa Avolio said...

Love the LO, but I would add something, too. How about the word HALLOWEEN, maybe even done vertically or zigzaggy vertically, or even cut regular but turned on its side? I think I'd like it in black, because you have so much black in the photos.

bzyPTmom said...

Love the pumpkin and photos of the kids--I agree you need just a little "something" on the R side--hmm--maybe a spider web or spooky little black kitty cat? or a bat that looks like it has flown from one corner towards the photos with "flying" lines?