Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Salebration! Cutting for a Cause!

It's party time!  That's right it's my birthday on Tuesday and I've decided I'd like you all to join me in a wonderful salebration!   I'm kicking starting my birthday off early by giving you all 40% off all my designs now through the 19th (my actual birthday)!  Oh and I will have a gift for you later but...shhh...inlaws are coming and our house is a wreck so I have to clean and I'll wrap up your gift sometime soon!  In the meantime if you'd like to go shopping click on the Ad above or click here.   My files are available in AI, GSD, KNK, WPC and SVG formats.  I do have a handful that I haven't gotten the SVG version in my store.  Simply purchase these in any format and I will e-mail you the SVG if you provide me with a proof of purchase.

I have put many files in the store that were previously available in my membership.  See below to see just a few and click each preview to get to them in my store.


I am so thankful to be able to celebrate birthdays and have a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and an abundance of food.  Unfortunately, many people in this world do not have any of these comforts.  The people of Haiti especially come to mind.  They were in poverty prior to the earthquake and now they need even more help.  So a few of the Paperthreads Designers have joined forces to help.   If you donate to any charity where the proceeds help those in Haiti who are struggling I will give you a free file from my store and so will Jan of Sam and Hailey Designs and Ileana of I Scrap Designs.  Please click on their names to check out their blogs for further info.  E-mail your thank you message or proof of donation to and tell me what format you'd like your file in.  I ask that you make your donation by the end of Jan 2010 to qualify for the free file.

So by making one donation not only do you help those in Haiti but you also help yourself to 3 free files.  Hurry and donate today-what have you got to lose!

Ileana has compiled a list of charities to help you choose but you can choose whatever you want as long as it goes toward Haiti relief funds. 
The one with the lowest administration and fund-raising costs (and, therefore, the highest percentage of your donation going directly to the relief effort) is first and so on down the list.

Food for the Poor
Their ranking at Charity Navigator.
Donate to Food to the Poor in Haiti here.

Their ranking at Charity Navigator.
Donate to Unicef here.

Mercy Corps
Their ranking at Charity Navigator.
Donate to Mercy Corps here.

Red Cross
Their ranking at Charity Navigator.
Donate to the Red Cross here.

Also, here is another list of links to reputable charities that are involved directly in Haiti and their grades according to The American Institute of Philanthropy.

Jan also added another good place to the list:

"My personal favorite, LDS Humanitarian Services was not on the Charity Navigator list.  Maybe because it's a church, I'm not sure why! But here's the article about the Hygiene kits (like the ones we made) and there's a link at the bottom to donate.  The great thing about donating to LDS Humanitarian Services is that the operating costs of the program are paid through our member's tithing donations.  100% of Humanitarian Services donations go directly to the people in need. Here's another great article about the temprary medical center they are setting up and staffing in Port-Au-Prince."

Our church makes blankets to give to those less fortunate.  These quilts are made from donated fabric.  So sometimes they aren't the best looking design wise.  But boy they are warm and they are well loved by all those who receive them.  They are like gold to those who are cold and suffering.  Fabric is getting harder and harder to find with so many store around us going out of business so I do hope they can continue to make the quilts.

Anyway, I appreciate you do this and I'm sure the Haiti will definitely appreciate everyone's generosity!

Yikes I'd better get cleaning in-laws will be here soon!  LOL!
Have a fabulous weekend and please count your blessings each and every day!


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