Monday, July 06, 2015

Color Throwdown #349

Okay I missed the deadline for the latest color throwdown challenge.  It's not that I didn't have the card done I just didn't realize the  deadline was 6 PM!  Oh well I am going to share my creation  with you anyway.

This card is very similar to the one I posted here in case you missed it.    I remember seeing  Laura Bassen's awesome rainbow card using this very same Papertrey Ink Text Block:  Birthday die that I used but with a wonderful rainbow background.  You can see Laura's amazing card here.   She cut two cover plates one white and the other rainbow.  She pieced the rainbow pieces around the white lettering.  I really liked the way this looks.  So I thought I'd give it a try...ending up with two cards with minimal effort.  Boy was I wrong!  Laura must oodles of patience!  There are a ton of pieces to save in that background!  I tried using the dryer sheet method as seen in this video to contain all the pieces which helped some but it truly was a pain piecing everything back in.  I glued the worded frame down first then went through the process of adding the colored background in but I had to move my words around a bit to get all the pieces to fit in.  It probably would have been better to scotch tape everything together and then glue the whole completed frame down.   So I bow down to Laura and will probably never try this again!

Thanks for looking!  Please come by again!