Friday, June 08, 2012

Papertrey Ink MIM #69

Hello everyone!

I decided while I was suffering from insomnia last night/morning to participate in the current Make it Monday challenge at Papertrey Ink.  I just  hate it when I lay in bed not sleeping when I could be doing something productive.  I read for a while but decided that wasn't helping me sleep so why not go create!  I needed a book marker for my book and I thought Nichole's sketch would be perfect to use a a guideline. 

I found her whole post super interesting.  She made card sketches from various photos...thinks like advertisements and pot holders.  It truly gave me a new way to look at things.  You can check out her post along with a video on how she used the above sketch here.

I knew I wanted to use this wonderful glittery paper from First Edition called Desert Bloom and some beads but after that I think my sleepiness prevented me from thinking clearly because I'm not totally in love with this bookmark!  The Desert Bloom paper was card stock weight so I didn't want to double the thickness of it by backing it with another paper so I just decided to ink and stamp the underside.  But then I decided to add even more florals by way of the flower stamp in Everyday Classics anniversary stamp set by PTI. The leaves are from PTI's turning a new leaf stamp set.  I just think there are too many florals involved and my stamped images are the same scale as the patterned paper...which isn't good.  In hindsight I should have just stamped a bee happy sentiment from honey bees along with a small bee instead of those florals.  I tried taking the book marker apart but I already had the beads and eyelet on so it's staying this way for good!  Oh well it's much better than the book marker I borrowed from the kids!    I did learn a new technique too...use a thin gage wire fold it in half and place the organza ribbon in between the two halves.  Thread the loose ends of the wire through the bead and pull and the ribbon will magically be threaded onto the bead!  I knew that jewelry making kit would come in handy one of these days! 

School let out last Friday but we've been running all week!  Tyler had basketball school Tuesday through Thursday.  (Today he and Adoree got to go to work with Daddy!)  He had a lot of fun!  I was amazed at how much better he played then last year.  Next year we'll have to get Adoree in too..I know she will love it as she even got a chance to shoot after school was over.  She even as she put it "made some hoops!"

I am loving my sports mode on my camera!  When I was shopping I definitely wanted a sports mode but didn't realize just how much I would use it!  I could never have gotten a shot like this with my old camera!  I just love how Tyler's feet are off the ground in this photo!  I even used the sports mode for things like birthday parties since kids never sit still!  No wonder they are soo skinny! 

Do you guys have any advice on how to stop the sibbling squabbling and have a fun Summer?  Adoree and Tyler fight quite a bit...I would think they would be glad to have each other to play with..but...they can't ever agree on how they play.  Today Tyler wanted to be a boss as he insists every type of game they wanted to play needed to have a boss.  Well Adoree wasn't about to let her brother boss her around!  UGH!  I have been pinning on Pinterest several activities for the kids to do during the Summer I need to have some cooperation or nothing will be fun! 

I made up a chore chart and reward system today and am going to put that to use starting Monday.  The kids seems to like what they have seen of the system so far...I just hope it works!  Once I give it a try for a few weeks.. and see if it actually works I'll share it with you! 

Okay I'm still sleepy and I tend to gab when I'm sleepy so I will stop now before I bore you to bits! 

Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for stopping by!  Come back again!