Monday, February 13, 2012

Mission Organization: Thin Metal Dies

Hello! Welcome to my next installment in my mission organizational series. Today I am going to talk about storing thin metal dies. I remember not too long ago we had to deal with extra large bulky dies..thank goodness for technological innovations. Speaking of technology...let me tell ya...I learned a lesson last night. I love Undo or CTRl+Z in most cases but last night I had this blog post almost complete and I thought I made an error in the html coding so I hit undo one too many times and redo didn't help. So I lost the complete post! UGH! This was around midnight so I called it a day and went to bed. Today I did this blog post in MS Word first and then added the links and photos later so if I did something stupid again I would at least have most of the post stored. Sorry for gabbing...we'll get back to business in just a minute but I wanted to share my oops with you in so you can hopefully avoid doing the same.

I decided to take the advantage of the magnetic nature of the dies. I adhered printable magnetic sheets using Scotch restickable tabs to the inside of the doors of my cabinet. The magnetic sheets can be a little expensive but I had some credit from recycling ink cartridges at Staples to use towards the price. I have also heard you can use magnetic vent covers. They are slightly larger length wise and somewhat cheaper. They are available in most home improvement stores. Oh and I have also read some use glue dots to adhere the sheets. The nice thing about these sheets is you can attach them just about anywhere….outside of cabinet, wall, and even on your desk if you have the space and reach for these frequently. You can cut the magnetic sheets into strips. I decided not to do that because of opening and closing these doors I was afraid a strip would not hold the dies in place. However, strips on a stable wall would be fine.  I have not labeled each individual die since I don’t have that many and basically know what is what.  I intend to do an inventory sheet at some point.  I will share that with you at a later date…along with more inventory sheets once I get everything organized.  

Items needed for my thin metal die storage system
Printable magnetic sheets or magnetic vent covers 

 Kerry Johnson uses photo magnetic sheets backed with cardstock to do an indexing type of system. This is very easy to flip through and keep sets together. I love the labeled tab so you can quickly find what you want. Check out more info here.

 Patter Cross (my organizational idol) uses roll magnets, cardstock, page protectors and a binder to store her dies. I love how she labeled directly on the sheet protector. This is a great portable method too. I may use some form of this if I go to a crop and want to take a few dies with me. Learn how Patter assembled this here.

 Inge Groot has a great way to keep dies with matching stamps together in Velcro envelopes. Check out the deets here. She also shows you a cute little cabinet she uses to store other dies in that same post.

 Sherrie Siemens uses magnetic knife holders to store her dies. As you can see these are soo strong you can stack multiple dies together so this makes it easy to keep sets together. Check out more info on her blog here.

 Dawn McVey recycled the sheets her PTI stamps come packaged with to store her dies along with some stitching, cardstock and a neglected baking pan. One nice thing about this storage is you can actually coordinate it with your décor by picking up your room colors in the card stock. Check out more info on Dawn’s blog here.

Julie Dinn is the ultimate recycler. She saves the boxes Ferrero Rocher come in to store her dies in. Ohh an excuse to eat chocolate and save the planet at the same time! Gotta love it! Check out more info about Julie’s die storage here.

Well that wraps up thin metal die storage.  I do hope you have found this helpful and one of these systems will work in your space.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned next Monday for another organizational post.  If you missed any of the previous ones check out the "Mission Organization" tab at the top of my blog.

I gotta run.  I have volunteered to help with Adore's v-day party at preschool.  I have made a Bingo game to play.  Hope it goes over well!

Have a great day!


Sandra from NC said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the magnetic paper/strips/etc. I will be getting some to use!

Jill Norwood said...

Just found your blog via the PTI blog hop for July 2012. Love your organization section (and everything else too!!!)
I subscribed by email and will be back to read EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for this! So wonderful to have all the organization info in one spot! :)