Monday, February 20, 2012

Mission Organization: Markers

Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  The weather was really nice for Winter and that got me itching for Spring so thus the change of blog design.  I'm soo ready for warmer and longer days!   Now on to the next installment in my mission organization series.  Today I will talk about markers.  I have Copics but I do believe many of the systems I will show you will work for lots of writing/coloring utensils including pencils and pens too. 

First up, I'd like to show you my OLD system.  I did feature it on my blog briefly before.

This is simply a tote I purchased at Wal-mart. The Ciao markers are stored in the cases they came in. I loved this system for a while. I liked that the basket was portable for crops or just for coloring images while watching TV downstairs. However, I didn't like how all the markers were grouped together and there wasn't any way to separate color families. Also, as I started acquiring sketch markers I had to just squeeze them in along side the Ciao cases. So that is why I changed to a different system.
Sorry I know you are tired of seeing this metal shelving unit but I have changed things around a bit this week to accommodate for my markers so I have noted their location in the photo.

Note:  Click on photo to enlarge
I copied this idea off of Tangi. You can see her much prettier storage here.   This is simply vinyl drain spout cut into 5 1/2" inch pieces by darling hubby.  It does take some elbow grease to sand off the rough edges but it's worth it!   The drain spout is very cheap too and available at your local home improvement store.  Hubby used a hack saw to cut it.  Tangi spray painted hers and I will mostly likely do that when I figure out what color I want.  I'm thinking I might try and get that spray paint that makes things look like bronzed metal.  I just used high temp hot glue to glue them together.  (Contact cement like Tangi used does give you a more permanent bond but hot glue sticks pretty well and gives me the option to pry them apart if I want to stack them differently...ask me how I know this...tee...hee...yep I had them arranged differently at first....typical woman...can't make up her mind!  LOL! ).  Now these are open in the back and I couldn't figure out how to glue a backing on them since the surface area is soo thin.  Therefore, I just nested them in these wooden tangerine boxes.  It seems to work well and gives them a little more stability.  I love that each color family has it's  own cubby.   I even had room for my Creative Memories journaling markers, gel pens, and glitter pens.  My Copic journal and water colored pencils are sandwiched between the two boxes.   The purple item on the top left of the markers is a small clipboard I use to place the items on before coloring.  I only have one ink refill for the blender but I do have it sandwiched between the drain spot and box.  I'm pretty sure these would fit in the cubbies too if need be.  This system if great no matter how many markers you have.  If you have less than me then don't cut as many cubbies...if you have more than make a few more.  You can stack as many as you's totally customizable for your supplies and space!  Now my only dilemma is how to to transport them for crops.  I think I'd rather have a box with a I guess I need to measure and see what I can find. 

Items needed for my marker storage:
High temp hot glue (semi-permanent) or contact cement (permanent)
(optional) container to serve as a backing for drain spout cubbies 

I have seen similar things done with PVC pipe which is slightly cheaper but since it is round it doesn't sit as nicely when stacked.  Also, it is heavier to transport if you like to travel with your markers.  

There are many wonderful holders made specifically for marker storage but most of them are quite pricey.  So I thought I'd share with you some marker storage solutions made with supplies that aren't really for marker storage but can be adapted into wonderful economical holders.  
Can you guess what these holders are? These are decorated Progresso soup cans. Kathy brilliantly recycled these cans into absolutely gorgeous storage containers. Check our more info on Kathy's blog here.

This has got to be the ultimate in recycling and frugality! Toilet paper rolls hold the markers in a wonderfully decorated cardboard box. Click here for more info here.

I love how Lisa used canning jars and a plastic 7 up crate to store her markers. Check out more info here.

Etha used her digital paper cutter to cut all these boxes and bound them together in an excellent little holder.  This is great since you can cut as many boxes as you need for your marker inventory.   Check out more info here.
Norma used a simple CD holder and let the markers rest on the jewel cases. With the invention of mp3 players and phones that store may just have something like this lying around that you can repurpose. Check our more info here.

The next two storage options are ones I absolutely love for the portability nature. If I went to crops more often then I would definitely invest in one of these marker storage solutions.

Vicky Pass did an excellent job arranging both Copics and Pro markers plus accessories in this CD holder.  I love that there is even a spot to put the color chart.   Check out more info here.

Above you can see both the open and closed version of Fitter Twit's marker storage. She transformed a deep art bin satchel, ceiling lighting grids, and hardware into this wonderful portable marker storage unit.  I love how each and every marker has it's own slot so even if you drive over a huge pot hole you can be sure your markers are safe!  LOL!  Check out more info here.

There are many more marker storage solutions.  I just tried to highlight a few that were good but didn't break the bank.  You can find a few more on my Pinterest board here.  If you aren't a member of Pinterest let me know and I'd be happy to invite you.

Did you know Copic markers are available in 358 colors now!  My goodness I don't even come close to having all the colors!  I remember when these markers first came out...I just couldn't justify the expense.  Many of my friends told me how wonderful they were soo eventually I got to try them out and immediately was hooked and wanted more!  My collection grew and grew!  I can't justify buying more now though so I'm hoping by having my markers organized I can use them more and finally figure out what colors I use most.  I really want to order a few refills but I haven't a clue what my fav colors are.

Oh and I just realized I need to print out a new color chart since Copic introduced new colors this year.  I found a great one from Sharon Harnist here.  It even includes space for the glitter markers. Thanks Sharon!

Okay that concludes my marker storage post.  I do hope you found some ideas that may work for your space.  Be sure to become a follower of my blog so you don't miss any future organizational posts.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back again!