Monday, February 06, 2012

Mission Organization: Glimmer Mist and a freebie

Welcome to the 5th installment in my organizational series.  If you missed any of the previous posts I have started a link at the top of the blog called "mission organization" in which you can click and see any of the post included in the series any time you'd like.  I hope you are having fun getting your "stuff" organized.  I am thrilled to have a home for soo many items.  Please leave me a comment because it keeps me motivated to post.

Now I am going to talk about glimmer mist.  In case you aren't familiar with this is a spray that not only colors the image but also gives it a pearlized sheen.  It is very pretty in person but doesn't always show up well in photos.  Many companies make their own variety of this and they each have their own unique name for it.  I actually have never purchased any but I do have one I won made by Tattered Angels.  I am all about being frugal so I searched on the internet and found many recipes to make my own glimmer mist.  The biggest expense in making your own is finding the misting bottles since I don't have a craft store near me.  Fortunately, a friend of mine bought me a whole bunch of mini misters made by Ranger.  Thanks soo much!    I love the fine mist they give but wish they were a little bigger.  I have recycled some bottles with great success though..bottles that used to contain eye glass cleaner and body splash.  Look around the Dollar Stores you never know what you may find.

Above you'll see my glimmer mist bottles. I misted a sheet and punched flowers for the lids of the bottles and hearts for the sides of the largest bottles so I could tell what color to expect. The sprays turn out much lighter than they look in the bottle. One day a long time ago... I actually asked my hubby if he could look at Walmart for one of those expanding stair step type spice shelfs for my crafting items. He came home with this from the office supply section. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at the time. Once I got my craft room I loved it and actually bought another one! They both sit in front of my ink storage rack on top of my metal shelving unit. (Didn't want to bore you with a photo of that again!) As you can see it also stores the larger glitter bottles my magnets won't hold and my acrylic stamp blocks.
Above you can see how the mesh organizer is supposed to sit to store office items. It still works for storing glimmer mist this way but I didn't have this much space so that is why I titled it upward.  I tried to find this on the Walmart website but couldn't find it.  I purchased one at Ollies so you may want to check there or any office supply store.

Items needed for my glimmer mist storage:
Mesh office organizer
Cardstock for labeling

I had soo much fun making own glimmer mist but I used lots of different combos of materials to make the spray. Sometimes I used acrylic paint other times reinkers. So...what happens if I run out and can't remember how I made that lovely color? No problem! I designed an inventory sheet. I sprayed cardstock and punched a large heart to attach to my inventory paper. Then below it I listed exactly what I combined to make the spray. So no more guessing! I am providing you with a jpg of my inventory sheet below you should be able to click on it and make it larger then save to computer and print as many times as you want. I designed it to print on a full sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper but you could easily size it to be a 4 x6 photo if you'd like something to fit into your purse and take to the store when purchasing glimmer mist so you don't buy duplicate colors.

Okay now I'll go over a few other options for storing your glimmer mist.
Kinsey shows how she used this rack from Harbor Freight to store glimmer mist on the top tray. Wow! This tray stores a ton of stuff!  I'm jealous of her washi tape collection!  Check out more info on her blog here.

PrettyLittlePackage has a wonderful video here showing how to use the Swivel Store to hold your glimmer mist.

Luvleescrappin has a great and economical way to store the mini misters. Check out her video here.

Shelly used a great little antique flower frog to hold her mini misters. Check out her blog here. I also have heard you can use test tube holders to store the mini misters.

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Deb C said...

Hi Shelly sorry not to have commented - love your mission organization - love homemade mini musters - do you have recipes - I mainly used distress ink reinkers and perfect pearls for the shimmer and love the bottle from the linen mister - sprayed the paper and the smell was wonderful (I had washed the bottle) - have a great weekend