Friday, November 12, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Lollipop Bouquet $1.00 today only and post it note holder project

Hi everyone,
Well, Halloween is over..Thanksgiving is coming and Christmas will be here in a  blink of an eye!  With all the festivities that occur at the end of the year those months just fly by don't they!  I vow to get ready for Christmas early this year as I'm always making last minute gifts.  I plan on enjoying Christmas this year instead of frantically rushing around..who is with me?!

I have a file on special for $1.00 today that might be helpful with your holiday gift giving and/or decorating.  My Lollipop Bouquet file is only $1.00.  Hurry though the price will magically disappear at midnight EST today 11/12/2010.   You could easily make this Christmas looking by using Christmas colors.  I could see it with chocolate Santa shaped lollipops too.   You could even use pencils and eraser tops to give this to a special teacher for Christmas.  Scroll down to see Sue's awesome million kisses bouquet.  Click on the words above the preview to purchase the file.
Lollipop Bouquet

Check out Sue's wonderful million kisses bouquet below.

Wasn't it brilliant of Sue to use chocolate kisses on skewers instead of lollipops?  Who wouldn't want to receive a bouquet like this?!  Love it!

If you have been following my blog you have read about these post it note holders I made for the Baltimore retreat and also as hostess gifts for crops.  Well they are having a craft sale at church and I needed something to take in for them to sell tonight.  So I made a bunch up yesterday and figured it's about time I share this wonderful project with you all.

I found the tutorial for these post it note holders from Chic' n Scratch's creative blog.  Click here to see her video tut.  I didn't stray far from the tut when making my holders but I could not find any chipboard coasters.  I considered knocking on the doors of  local bars here begging them to have pity on me and sell me a few but then I thought of something!  Yeppers the light bulb turned on bright that day!  I headed to our Dollar Tree for materials to make these holders.  I found everything but the coasters.  I was looking at the children's board books.  They looked similiar in size and sturdiness to the coasters so I decided to cut the books apart into individual coasters.  A bargain for sure as you get 3 books for $1.00 and those probably make about 15 coasters depending on how many pages are in each book. I borrowed a Zutter Round it All to make round the corners on these pages.  I was amazed at how easily it worked.  If Michelle gets more back in stock...I will be buying one!  However, the first ones I made I didn't have the Zutter so I took the pre existing rounded corner and traced it then trimmed by hand.  Works just as well!  So below are a few photos for those of you who are visual learners (like me)!

Turn this

into this
I found these cute pens three to a pack at our Dollar Tree...I couldn't resist getting them.  You can also buy the pens with the clear barrels and cut a piece of paper to fit the barrel and slide it in...that way everything matches!

Oh and I noticed the board books were pretty glossy.  I was afraid the adhesive wouldn't stick to them so I sanded my pages down a bit to give them some tooth to apply the adhesive too.  Also keep in mind since you aren't using coasters you will have to cover both sides of your board book pages with paper.  I choose a cardstock for the back as I figured it would take more wear and tear then the thinner paper.

Oh and one more tip.  I found that the little zyron X sticker maker is great for that piece of paper that wraps around the binder clip.  It's very important you have lots of glue on every inch of that paper so it smoothly goes around the binder clip and the X does a great job with this!

Above are a few other ones I made for the craft sale.  Sorry the photo isn't very good.  I'm in a hurry as we promised to take Tyler out for his birthday.  Last year we took him to this Japanese restaurant where the chefs cook in front of you on this big grill..they do tricks and stuff.  Tyler just loved it and asked to go there again.  I think we are starting a tradition here!  So I must go!  I hope you enjoyed the post it note holders.  I'm sooo glad I stumbled across Chic' n Scratches video!  They are soo easy to make..a great way to use up paper and ribbon scraps and very inexpensive too!  I had a blast making them!  I hope they sell well at the craft show.

I do have some Christmas themed files in the works including sentiments, brother, sister ornaments, and tic tac holders so stay tuned you'll be seeing them soon!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fab weekend!



Caroline said...

Those Post-It-Holders are really cute!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Those post a note holders are just the best! Thanks for a super great idea there, Shelly!!!! I love, love, LOVE it!!!!!!

Thanks for featuring my lollipop bouquet! I can't believe you found it with all the other stuff I send you. ROFLOL

Take care and remember to make it a good one! :)

Deb C said...

Very nice Shelly I do have coasters now I know what I can do with them
tic tack holders for Christmas can't wait to see what you come up with

Marti said...

Adorable Idea - I must try it.