Friday, November 19, 2010

Frugal Fridays: $1.00 birthday banner today only ! Happy b-day to the "men" in my life!

Hi everyone,
Once again I'm late posting this sorry!  I'll get right to the Frugal Friday special.  Oh in the future if you can't wait for me to post the special please check out the specials page at the Paperthreads store and you'll see which file of mine is $1.00 every Friday (except when I have my whole store on sale) along with the monthly specials from all the designers.  Click here to get directly to the specials.  In honor of my son's birthday on the 17th and my hubby's on the 21st I am featuring my Monkey Banner for $1.00 today only.  Hurry though this price expires at midnight today 11/19/2010 EST.  I designed this file for my daughter's birthday party last year.  However, you can easily just use the letters and add your own decorations instead of the monkey to suit your theme.  It's a great deal at 70% off!  Click on the words above the preview to purchase this bargain!

Monkey Banner

CDT member Lisa Lindesmith has been working hard at creating Xmas cards.  I have three beauties to share with you today.

I just love the non traditional color scheme of this card.  The metallic features make everything look sooo regal and elegant!  Simply stunning Lisa!  Lisa used my swirly ornaments file to make these gorgeous cards.  Click on the words above the preview to purchase at 30% off for the month of November. 

Swirly Ornaments

On the flip side Lisa also created a wonderfully whimsical Christmas card using my Build a Wreath file.   I love how she used patterned paper for the poinsettias and wrapped the cording around the wreath for extra dimension!  Those button centers are soo cute too!

Click on the words below to purchase my Build a Wreath file and make your own wreath.  This file is great because just by changing the papers you can make a whimsical wreath like Lisa's or an elegant or even a vintage one.  The choice is totally up to you!  This file is also a steal at 30% off the whole month of November.

Build a Wreath

Happy Birthday Tyler and Toby!  These two men in my life share birthdays this month!  No fair I have to wait until Jan for mine!  LOL!  Poor Adoree has to wait until May for hers!  That's okay we like to have her party outside...well at least we try so far every year it has rained and we all huddle onto our porch!

I don't think my hubby is as excited about his birthday as he is at graduating from college soon in December.  He is counting down the days and I must admit I'm excited too as it will be good to  have Daddy back full time!  It is very hard to hold a full time job and take college classes plus attend to the kids and day to day life all the time.  I am proud of him and can't wait to see that bachelor degree! 

I can't believe our "baby boy" is 7!  I find it hard to believe he is in 1st grade already too! He got his group photo taken today at school....he insisted on wearing a tie!    He is such a good boy and we are soo lucky to have him as a son!  We are having his party on Sat...I am seeing a lot of Legos in the future..he just loves these little pieces of plastic!  We let him pick out his own present this past weekend so on Wednesday after patiently waiting all those days he got to open and put together Lego City Fire Station.  He did very well putting most of it together himself.  I have to say it is pretty cool with working garage doors, ladder that swivels and extends etc.  Even hubby said Legos are soo much better than they were when he was a kid.  Tyler actually has all his old Legos and he sits for hours building with them!  He doesn't care that they are "old"!  I just found out they make a Lego remote for the Wii.  We are debating getting him it for Christmas since it's kinda expensive but I just know he would love it! 

Tyler wanted to take a treat to school for his birthday.  In the Taste of Home book we had they featured this recipe for "bacon and eggs candy".  The pretzel sticks are the bacon and the white chocolate with an M & M in the middle is the egg.  It did look pretty cool and tasted pretty good.  I think if we make this again though we will use little pretzel sticks as these rods took too much chocolate.  I found a website that shows you how to make these if you are interested click here

Okay past our lunch time again!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



Sue aka barracudasue said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Tyler and happy (early) birthday to Toby! Tyler can't be 7 already! GOLLY!!!!! He's such a sweet little man!

And, not to leave Adoree out, tell you "hugs" from her "Aunt Sue"! LOL You can have a few, too, Shelly! :)

Great cards featured on your blog!

As Shirley would say, MAKE it a great day! :)