Friday, November 05, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Only $1.00 your choice of cupcake card or hinged tabs today and getting girly!

     Since I'm sooo late posting this I figured I'd better get right to the Frugal Friday specials.  Today I have two specials for you.  Both my cupcake card and hinged tabs files are only $1.00 all day today.  Hurry though the price will magically disappear at midnight 11/5/2010 EST.    Click on the words above the previews to purchase them.

Cupcake Card

Hinged Tabs

Check out what CDT member Lisa did with the cupcake card.  I just love the glitter and the addition of the bow!  This card is soo changing the paper picking the appropriate embellishments you can easily make it work for a girl, boy, man or woman!

I designed the hinged tabs to aid me in organizing my layout sketches.  Click here to read more info about that.  It is a rather long post but just scroll down to get to the organizing info...I promise it's there!

Adoree has been mistaken as a boy more times then we'd like.   So when we were at the hairdressers and Adoree decided she wanted her ears pierced we were thrilled!  She was such a trooper!  They only had one gun but she held very still for both ears.  I think she was kinda shocked though that it hurt as much as it did!  She said "Ouch that hurt!" after our hair dresser did the first ear.  I can just imagine was was going on in Adoree's head.  She looked like she was thinking "How could this lady who has been sooo nice to me in the past do this to me!"  LOL!  The earrings are soo tiny but sooo cute...little gold hearts with diamonds in the middle.  Below is a photo but it's hard to see the earrings.  I can't wait as she'll be able to take out those and get festive ones for Christmas!

Well that was just the beginning of "getting girly" for Adoree.  She isn't feeling well so I took her to Kmart to get prescriptions filled and took pity on her getting this little kit that had glitter nail polish, body glitter and lip gloss in it.  She absolutely loved painting her nails.  She even sat still while they dried.  This nail polish is a very faint clear type which is coming off already.  I just didn't want to get the "real" stuff until I knew she would sit still and not get nail polish everywhere!  She definitely wants pink glitter nail polish now so I guess we'll be on the hunt for that tonight!  I had a blast taking photos of her getting all dulled up.  Check them out below.

Okay it's way past our usual lunch time so I'd better go!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an awesome weekend!



Elizabeth said...

Awwww, she is such a cutie :) Love the earrings, now I know what to get her for Christmas. Just need to know what to get Tyler now :)

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Adoree is absolutely precious in those pictures, Shelly! I just want to give her a huge hug!!!!!!

ONE of these days, you're going to offer a file on Frugal Friday that I DON'T have! ROFLOL

Love you to death, girl!!!!!!

Alicia said...

Awww what a cutie!! I always wanted a little girly girl but the Lord blessed me with three healthy boys instead! *Hugs*

Shelly said...

Oh Shelly, Adoree is so cute. Thanks for sharing these pictures, love the sweet smiles she has! Great projects too, Lisa did a great job on the cupcake card!