Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paperthreads Xmas card swap slideshow and snow people.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Are you ready for that special day?  We are just about ready...have to pick up a few gift cards and I need to finish up one more legal pad cover gift today. I would like to make some cookies yet and haven't mailed out a single Christmas card. I will mail them even if it's after Christmas.  I figured getting one late is better than not at all.

My sale continues in case you need a last minute card or gift.  Stop by my store today to get 30% off all my designs.  The sale with continue through the whole month of December 2011.  Click here to go shopping.  

I participated in a Christmas card swap at Paperthreads.  We got soo many beautiful cards..I just had to share them with you.  Check out the slideshow below.

A friend of mine gave me some great yarn. So I decided to use it to make some things for our church craft show. Pinterest to the rescue! I have been really enjoying this site as there are soo many good ideas in one place. No searching the internet forever to find things. First up are yarn trees! The photo below really doesn't do the trees justice. The white yarn has gold thread intertwined in it. The stars are misted with gold glitter spray. They truly are beautiful in person. I got the idea from Jamie. Check out her amazing tut on how to make these here.

 Continuing to use the yarn I was given...I decided to make a yarn snowman.  Or should I say snowwoman.  I got the idea from Wendy.  Check hers out here.  I was trying to use donated supplies and only had 2 styrofoam balls.  I made pom poms for the ear muffs since I didn't have enough wire to do a hat like hers.  I really love how it turned out!

My favorite part of the snowwoman is the yarn bow.  See it below.  I used a bead cap with a pearl for the center.  I think this would make a great embellishment for cards.

Okay now moving on to jars.  I thought BJ Mamas hot cocoa snowman gift was absolutely adorable.  Check out her tut on how to make these here.   Once again when you are reselling items it's best to keep the supplies cheap.  So I used found jars...you know the ones you get when you eat all the fruit or jelly.  I spray painted the lids black to cover the writing.  The top holds marshmallows and the bottom holds hot cocoa.  I found a tag from a Gooseberry Patch book thatworked perfectly to say how to make the cocoa. 

So there are three ideas I used from items I found on Pinterest.  I have also made numerous recipes too.  I heart Pinterest.  If you haven't joined yet..free feel to e-mail me and I'll invite you. 

Okay I've gotta run as there are some items I need to get ready for Adoree's school Christmas party. 

Happy Holidays!



Kathy Serrahn said...

neat projects to use up things around the house

Deb C said...

adorable projects Shelly
Think I like your Snowwoman the best
Hope you have a joyous Christmas this year