Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween! Get a treat for yourself at 40% off.

Happy Halloween! Can you believe it is Halloween already..this year is just flyng by! Hurry into my store and get yourself some treats at 40% off. Click here to go shopping!

Do you need some ideas for treats.  I do have a few examples for you below.

Using my Halloween Wrapper file you can turn a plain candy bar into a festive Halloween treat.  Click here to purchase.
Another popular file of mine is this spider box.  It can be filled with candy or a battery operated tea light.  You could even fill it with small items like glitter glue for your favorite crafter or hair accessories for your special girl.  Click here to purchase.

Another cute yet fast treat I have for you is my tic tac holder collection.  They simple wrap around the tic tacs and are secured with a ribbon. Click here to purchase.
Tyler made witch hats this year for his Scout's party. Unfortunately the photos didn't turn out too good. I featured these on my blog before so you can see the instructions on how to make them here. Below is a photo from when he made them in Kindergarten. Awww he looks soo young there and he had hair too! LOL!
These witch hats would be great to put in my spider box.

The weather we have been having here has simply been crazy! Here is a picture I took on Friday.
Here is one I took on Sat.
Yeppers that is snow here in PA. Most of it has melted today although it is still pretty cold. I had to laugh....Adoree was all concerned that they had to cancel Halloween because it snowed! She'll be happy to know Trick or Treating is still on Monday. My kids don't eat candy all that often but Adoree sure does like getting it. We took her to the Halloween parade since Tyler was marching in for his Scout troop. She was quick to scoop up candy. She had a ton before we went home! I know she'll love going door to door on Monday. Tonight we are carving pumpkins. I just love the way the pumpkins look all lit up! Roasted pumpkin seeds are yummy too!

I don't know why but I forget to check facebook.  Lately I have been into Pintrest (a virtual pinning board where you can store anything and everything you see on the internet you want to remember).  However, I did figure it was about time to update my profile photo on both places.  

So that is the old photo..not sure when it was taken exactly but it must of been when Tyler was 4 because he got glasses when he was 5.
Here is the photo I took on Friday. I can't believe how much older they look. Tyler is almost 8 and Adoree is 4.  Sigh...before I know it they will be teenagers!  Adoree said to us today she is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up.  Daddy told her not to worry because she has many years to decide.  Looking at these photos though makes me think time will continue to fly by!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!  I hope you get lots of treats and no tricks!



Deb C said...

Goodness Shelly - they are growing up

Adoree looks like she was having a great time in the leaves