Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New files, humdinger of a card, and aquarium photos

I do apologize for not blogging lately.  It has been on my mind to do so but I honestly don't know where time goes any more!  I did use some of my time to get some new files into my store.  These files were previously only available in my membership.  Now you can purchase them individually if you desire.

Above you'll see one of my most favorite files.  It was inspired by a project from former CDT member Shelly M.  She suggested it would be cute to do a card and box set and thus this file was born.  The card actually fits inside the box.  In fact you can fit more than one of these cards in the box.  So that means you could cut several of these mixing and matching the flowers and leaves to make a complete gift set.  The banner is designed so you can make blank banners that can be stamped or written with the pen tool.  So you could do several banners with different sentiments for the recipient to attach when he/she needs one.  If you would like to purchase the set just click on the photo above. It is on sale for the entire month of September.  These are available individually also.  Click on the highlighted words to be taken directly to them scalloped box and scalloped card

Speaking of sales I also have my Hummingbird Card on sale the whole month of September also.  CDT member Johanne created a humdinger of a card using that file (sorry...sometimes I just have to be corny..can't help it)!  I can't wait to show it to you!
Isn't that just too cool!  The coloring on the hummingbird is just mesmerizing!  I love the dew drops also!  Here is what Johanne has to say about her stunning card.

Cutting file:
                 Hummingbird Card from Shelly's Art
                Tree Branch with leaves from Wanda's Craft
Dew from  Kylee  in color Pesto
Paper:  Gardening from Memento
Crystal Clear Stickle
Tim Holtz Distress Ink in brushed corduroy

If you would like to purchase my Hummingbird Card please click on the preview below. 

I was planning on sharing with you first day of school photos for both my kids but I am having problems getting the photos transferred to my computer.  I have tried card readers but I have an older camera that still uses the compact flash and the pins keep bending when inserting the card into the reader.   My USB cord stopped working many years ago.  So I'm hoping I can find a new USB cord or better card reader.   Do you guys have any suggestions as what to buy?

I did promise to share some aquarium photos though so here goes.....

I always enjoy going to aquariums and part of the fun is I love looking and scrappin' the photos later.  Tyler on the other hand hated the aquarium.  He thought it was boring.  He doesn't like zoos much either.  He likes interactive exhibits and the aquarium didn't have many of them.  I do think he found the jellyfish interesting.  He is a big fan of SpongeBob and of course SB often talks about jelly fishing.  So seeing them in real life versus the cartoon was quite eye opening for him.

Adoree's favorite color 95% off the time is pink!  So she really gravitated to these pink anemone.

There is something magically about how these sting rays move through the water.  They actually had an open area where you could touch them but the kids didn't want to.

These eels were creepy yet cool at the same time!

I should have taken a far away shot of the aquarium but this is all I got.  See the aquarium is a tunnel and the fish (yes that is a shark) swim to the left, right and overhead.  It is very cool to see the under bellies of some of these amazing creatures!

I hope you enjoyed my stroll (swim) down aquatic memory lane!  I will try and blog a little more often...promise!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back again soon!  Oh and I will be converting all my files to MTC format to get ready for the release of the new Zing machine.  I will also be offering 10 free files if you purchase the Zing and mention my special coupon code (coming soon)!



Caroline said...

love your Aquarium photos, you did really well to take such clear pics.... I love Aquariums, but my pics always seem to come out very blurry! Rats! and I LOVE your Hummingbird file, I have used it a few times on cards, it cuts beautifully!

Deb C said...

Oh what a wonderful aquarium - had to do a double take on you shark pic with the reflection of arms next to him - amazing aren't they - and the colours in the eel pic wow -
Tyler doesn't like zoos - I love Toronto zoo as they are not in cages rather in more natural enclosures - the greatest thing this year though is the rv park has wooded areas across from us and we have been lucky to see deer (fawn) if we are very quiet and still (actually when we go in around 1am on Friday nights we see the herd of 7 or 8 walking in the open - I get excited every time

Now did The aquarium inspire you

Hey Shelly - you are not helping the will power ie th Zing

Michelle Hessler said...

I love visiting Aquariums, luckily my kids do too...we can spend hours in there watching the fish go round and round!

Barracudasue said...

I love, love, LOVE those pictures, Shelly! You should have taken ME with you! I love the zoo and aquarium! Haven't been in YEARS!

Sorry Tyler was bored! I think he will appreciate it later in life!

Adoree cracks me up with her PINK! So girly!

Thanks for blogging. I SO enjoy reading them! :)