Thursday, April 21, 2011

40% off sale continues, Easter projects and cute kids!

Are you ready for Easter?  You know I am slowly getting there but the rain will totally depend on what I still need to do yet.  We wanted to have an egg hunt here at home but if it rains...not sure if we will bother hiding them in the house or not.  I'm sooo tired of rain..we've had more than enough to bring on the May flowers.   So three cheers for a sunny, rain free Easter weekend! 

I am having an Easter sale which means 40% off all my designs now through the 24th.  (Sorry my membership is not included in the sale).  Click here to go shopping.  In case you need some inspirations I do have a few Easter projects to share with you.

Take a look at the adorable card CDT Kelly made using my Build a Bunny and Easter Egg Two files.  Kelly added great texture to the card using embossing folders.  She also used embroidery floss to add the whisker details.  I just love the bunny's head and paws only peeking over that title square.  You could easily add him to the top of a photo in a similar way.  If you'd like to purchase either of these files click on the words above the previews.

Build a Bunny
also available in my quarterly membership club

Build an Easter Egg Two
also available in an Easter Collection

I have a feeling Tyler may not believe in the Easter Bunny next year.  He is 7 but has already said one of his friends told him the Tooth Fairy wasn't real.  Anyway, we wanted to do something extra special for his Easter basket from the Easter Bunny this year.  So......


I cut out some eggs from my Build an Easter Egg file.  I enlarged them to about 4 inches and added some glitter glue.  Kids just love glitter!  Then.....

I flipped the eggs over and am printing messages on them.  I will hide them throughout the house as per the messages and ultimately the last egg will show the location of the Easter basket.   So the first green egg will be given to the kids and the next egg will be in the TV stand and the next egg will be in the microwave and so on.  Tyler just loves reading so he can read and he and Adoree can take turn finding the "clue" eggs.   I think they will both enjoy the hunt and it will be more fun than just plopping the basket on the table for them to find when they awaken in the morning.   I only did 4 eggs so they don't get too bored with the game.  If you'd like to purchase my egg file to make your own game click on the words above the preview.  OH I just thought of something you could even cut two of each egg and make a memory game of sorts with them for a cheap quick Easter basket stuffer.

Build an Easter Egg

For those of you who do not wish to purchase my membership.  I do have some of the individual files in my store now and they are included in my sale.  Keep in mind though you get all of these files plus more for a total of at least 20 files for just $10.00...a great value!  You also get advance notice of sales and membership club members get the files long before they enter my store.  Click here to purchase my membership or click on the individual words below to purchase the files separately.   Oh and you can see the files in the slide show to the right of my blog.  

Curly Carrot Box

Tent Card:  Jungle

Card Base 6:  Tag Card

Tyler had his first Derby car race a few weeks ago for Cub Scouts.  Unfortunately, his car was too light to win.  At least now he knows what to do for next year. The boy that won had bought special wheels for his car.  Apparently, you can buy many products to jazz up these cars and it can get quite expensive!

Even though Tyler didn't win..he still loves his car.  I cut a skull I had designed for a card for him a few years ago.  I made it much smaller and cut it out of vinyl for the front of it.  He added a lego guy, seat and steering wheel with glue dots.  As you can see in the photos he was very happy to have helped Daddy create this car.

I just have one more photo to share with you.  It's just too cute to keep to myself!

This wasn't the cutest one as that one came out blurry but I still think this one is great!   See Adoree gave up naps about a year ago.  However, on occasion when she has a cold and doesn't sleep well at night she will lay down for a nap.  On weekends Tyler loves putting Adoree down for a nap.  He loves reading her a story and rocks her.  Sometimes he even sings her a song.  He is such a sweet boy and he has already mentioned to us he wishes we had another baby so he could feed snuggle with it.  (Well another addition to our family is NOT in our future).  Adoree isn't always accepting of his hugs and kisses so when she does cooperate...Tyler is thrilled!  Unfortunately, Adoree is very tall for being almost 4 (her birthday is in May).  So she doesn't fit on Tyler's lap very well.  Nevertheless they seem to really be enjoying each other's company in this photos..making it priceless so I just had to share it!

So what did you give up for lent?  After talking to our church friends I know many of them are looking forward to indulging in what they gave up soon.  Hubby gave up chocolate and I have a feeling the kids may be sharing their basket treats!  LOL!  I wasn't brave enough to give up chocolate but I did give up Chai tea.  I get this instant mix in which all I have to do is add water.  It is sooo good and I miss it.  I usually drink it for breakfast since it is quite filling and as Adoree said it's my relaxing tea.  I love to just  drink it after a busy morning and sip is slowly.  Mmmm I can't wait!   Tyler gave up watching Sponge Bob on TV.  I know he is looking foward to doing that again too!  I'll probably be sick of SpongeBob by the end of the day!

Enjoy your Easter weekend and remember NO RAIN!  Say it with me NO RAIN!


Sue aka barracudasue said...

LOVE your Easter eggs with directions on the back. GENIUS!

Tyler's car is REALLY cool! GREAT job on that!

And that picture of both the kids...WOW, a true kodak moment! Cherish those moments because I'm sure they won't last much longer. That picture is just precious and God bless Tyler for loving his sister SO much! ANOTHER baby? He has NO idea what all that involves! ROFLOL

Have a very blessed Easter and God bless you and yours! Love you! :)