Friday, June 11, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Today only $1.00 Dentist title file in my store.

How has everyone's week gone? I hope it was a good one! For me Summer has officially began. My son graduated from Kindergarten (hope to have some photos to show you soon..haven't even gotten a chance to look at them yet). Yesterday was his last day of school. He didn't want school to end as he loved his teacher. He won't even be able to visit her next year as she is leaving the school district. Plus someone informed him he will have to take tests and do homework in 1st grade....he's not looking forward to that! He did soo well in Kindergarten though! We are soo proud of him and he does seem more grown up then when he started school. He even loved riding the bus! We are soo lucky he liked school so much...I hope this trend continues through his school years!

Okay now on to the Frugal Friday special. For today only you can get my Dentist visit file for $1.00. Hurry though this price will disappear at midnight EST today 6/11/2010.  Click on the words below to purchase.  But before you leave please check out some amazing projects by my CDT and also there are Adoree's b-day photos at the end of this post too.

Dentist Visit

First up we have two wonderful projects from Lisa.  She has such a great eye for combining colors and elements that make things look so elegant!  See for yourself in the projects below.

This stunning card uses my buttons galore file minus the holes.  What a great way to get more mileage from a file!  Way to think outside of the box Lisa! Click word below if you'd like to purchase this file.
Buttons Galore

Next up another equally stunning card from Lisa.  It features the awesome sketch Aus Caz created for my sketch challenge on the PT forum this month.   Lisa used my Think Spring file for the focal point.  I think the colors are just amazing!  Love that little bit of sparkle on the patterned paper too.  The fact she popped up the front petals of the tulips really adds dimension to this card.  Click on the words below to purchase this file.

Think Spring

Last but definitely not least we have a fun yet masculine birthday card using my Monogram Birthday Card.   I love how Kelly crimped the top border strips....just the perfect texture to add interest to the card.   I need to dust off my crimper and put it to use!  Wonderful job Kelly!  Click on the words below to purchase the card file!

Monogram Birthday Card

I promised to share some photos of Adoree's 3rd birthday so here goes.   Hubby got his own camera so he took some photos too but I think they are still on his computer.  I need to get them...gotta get my photos organized!

Blowing out candles....this bright cake matched the napkins and her shirt...yeah!

Goofy grin...enjoying her cake!  This little girl sure can put away some food!

This Dora guitar is one of her favorite presents.   She carries it around everywhere.  It plays Dora music when you start strumming it.

The little guy below is her buddy!  She is about a year older than him.  He is sooo cute!  Don't they make a cute couple!  He knows how to treat a girl as he is the one who bought her the guitar! 

Oh in case you are wondering why Adoree's hair is so short.   It is because when she sucks her thumb she pulls her hair with the other hand.  She was born with a full head of hair and it would be soo long and lovely by now if she would stop pulling it out.   I think we are going to have to look into ways to get her to stop sucking her thumb as the short hair cut isn't working.  Any hints, tips, or tricks are appreciated.  Oh and we tried a blanket but she hates anything in her blankets, pillows or animals when she sleeps.

Thanks for stopping both kids want to be fed!  Wish one of those food generating machines like on the Jetson's cartoon existed!  I'd better go!  Have a great weekend!


Caroline said...

Adoree looks as adorable! one of my kids always twirled her hair when she was tired and sucking her thumb, never quite as bad as Adoree pulling out her hair though. What about trying a rag doll (soft doll) with hair and trying to encourage her to fiddle with that instead of her own hair? Other than mittens like baby ones, not sure what else you can do :( Perhaps while styling and playing with a doll's hair, you could say to her that this is what you could be doing with her hair if she stop pulling it out, but I would imagine she doesnt really realise she is doing it. Sorry... not much help here!

PS where is Lisa's second card ?? or are my eyes just tired LOL

Shelly said...

Ooops Thanks Caz...that pic was missing...I put it on now. We have tried the doll thing and showing her many girls with long hair and how nice it can look...doesn't seem to work. Thanks for the suggestions though. I guess she'll grow out of it eventually. At least she still looks cute in short hair!

danny said...

Hi daughter had a similar problem. I found these gloves that help her - they are't expensive and we've bought a few pair

Here s the site if you want to see the gloves

Shelly said...

Thanks Danny! It's good to know my daughter isn't the only one who does this! I will definitely check out the gloves. Her favorite color is pink so if they have a pair that color she'll love them!

JustYolie said...

Both are so adorable!! :)