Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Treats!

We were all commenting on the Papertrey Ink forum the other week about how expensive metal dies are getting to be.  Don't get me wrong I know they are a great value and it sure beats fussy cutting but still it is an investment.  So I wanted to create something to make for our church craft and bake sale that would use these dies.  This is what I came up with:

These little treats have a peppermint patty tucked between two card stock shapes.  I looked at soo many ideas on Pinterest for these treat and I actually combined several ideas to create my own shapes.  Click here to see some of the ideas I found.  Did you know that the York peppermint patty is no longer in foil round wrappers?  They are all square now.  I used the Pearson brand since they still are round.

I also made some pretzel sleeve ones and filled them with M&Ms and jellybeans.  Apparently we come from a chocolate loving town because everything sold but the jellybean ones!

I did these at the last minute.  So my friend helped me glue a lot of these together.  I was very happy to have her help!  She was frustrated with all the little pieces.  I didn't think it was too bad because being a paper crafter I was happy to use up some of my little scraps of cardstock.  Next year I will have to start these ahead of time so I don't have to bother her again!

I will just give you a basic idea of what I used for the shapes and if you need more instructions please let me know.

  • scallop circles (3)...wings are cut from a scallop circle as well but you can get several wings out of one.  I simply snipped a wing out of one with scissors and then traced around that shape to cut the others so all of my wings were the same.  I shaded the yellow pieces with distress ink to give them some depth
  • flowers (3)...one for head and two for feet.  Don't cut flower in half for feet..it's too hard to glue (I used PTI flower fusion #3 die)  
  • arrow for beak..fold in half and cut off extra that way you still have a pointed beak but also have the flat part of the arrow to glue to your chick
  •  circles (2)
  • hearts (3) (2 layering)...I didn't have any ovals that were skinny and long so I used hearts for the ears 1 pink and 1 white. You also need 1 small heart for the nose. I inked the edges of the white pieces with pink distress ink.
  • small circle (2) for the cheeks  
  • add whiskers with a black fine tip marker
  • scallop circles (2) I embossed these with a swirl pattern embossing folder
  • oval for face
  • smaller oval cut in half for ears
  • flowers (3) for wool on face (I used PTI's flippin' out die collection)  
  • some sort of label or tag for the feet 
I used a label from Quickutz special delivery dies gift set which I don't think it available anymore.
The die is perforated  so I just cut at the fold and then cut in half long wise giving me enough legs for 2 lambs.  You could use a rounded rectangle or something similar.   Actually the feet aren't necessary for either the chick or the lamb.  I just thought they were cute and I'm a sucker for not knowing when to stop adding things to my creations!

Oh and I forgot to mention google eyes were used for all the animals.  I glued them on with multi-matte medium.  This step was a bit tedious as the eye are small and they kept moving around when gluing but once dry they were stuck on well.  I really didn't want to have to cut tiny pieces out of paper for the eyes.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Easter!  Please come back again!


Kathy Mc said...

Shelly, these are simply adorable! Will Pin these for Easter next year. Thanks for the details!

Bobbie Bluegill said...

Just came accross these. They are adorable and such great use of our stash of dies.