Saturday, September 28, 2013

Card A Day Blog Post: Patchwork Jack

It's my turn to post a card for the Card A Day blog.  The theme this week is Halloween.  I have to admit I've never really been drawn to the gory side of Halloween as far as decorating goes.  (However, I do like scary movies!) So for my card I went the cute route.  I'd like to introduce you to...Patchwork Jack.

I used one of the first files I created for this cute  little card.  I chose various pattern papers to fill in the image which reminds me of a patchwork quilt.  So thus Patchwork Jack is born!  I didn't have any Halloween sentiment stamps so I just used the "just 4 you" stamp from Studio G.  I think this would be adorable paired with a treat for your favorite teacher.

You know it's amazing how much we taken things for granted until we don't have them!   Our refrigerator broke last weekend.  It wouldn't keep things cool.  So we trucked a bunch of things to our friend's house to store for us.  But we needed some things to eat so we stored food in coolers.  Buying ice every day just to keep the food cold was a pain!  The fridge finally got fixed yesterday..we went to the store and I was soo happy to be able to put food in a working fridge.  I'm soo glad we no longer have to eat out of coolers!  We've been trying to eat healthy since hubby's heart attack and eating healthy is difficult when you have a cooler for a fridge.  On the plus side now our fridge is clean!  I'm very thankful for modern appliances! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a fab weekend!  Please come visit again!



kathy serrahn said...

awesome card
glad that your family is doing okay

Tina Campbell said...

Cool card! Yep feel the same way about Halloween we don't do anything fancy at the house but I love the horror flicks