Monday, January 16, 2012

Mission Organization: Glitter glue, liquid pearls and paint

Welcome to the next installment to my organizational series.  I do hope you have made some head way with your ribbon.  If you missed the ribbon organizing  post you can check it out by clicking here. Today I am going to discuss with you how to store glitter glue, liquid pearls and paint.  You can easily line these up on a shelf but if you start collecting many colors you may run out of space.  Plus glitter glue and liquid pearls are best stored upside down to prevent those nasty air bubbles from ruining your project.

First up I must apologize as these photos are not the best. I am using hubby's camera and I don't know exactly how to modify it for the lighting in my room. (My camera still works but we need to find a good CF card reader or a new cord so I can transfer photos to my computer). Anyway, above you will see one of my most favorite features of my craft room. I know you are probably thinking this looks awful!  Well what this metal shelving until lacks in style it makes up for in functionality. The whole surface is magnetic so I stick all sorts of items everywhere by attaching a magnet to the back. Also, the holes in the framing supports allow for little hooks and dowel rods to be inserted easily. It was hubby's idea to purchase this shelving until from a home improvement store long before I had an actual craft room but I'm soo glad I could make use of it now.

As you can see my glitter glue is stored magnetically under the top shelf. I got the idea from Christie Hund. You can see her totally gorgeous craft room here. I do not live near a craft store therefore often I make due with supplies I can find in my hometown. So I have some Stickles but I also have Studio G (which I think are just as good as Stickles) and even some glitter meant for craft foam I found on clearance). This storage method is perfect for me since I have various sizes of bottles...I can just space them out as needed.  I love that they are all visible and within reach of my desk.  I don't have any liquid pearls but you could store them just as easily using this method.

I used my high temp hot glue gun to apply the magnet buttons to the bottom of the glitter glue. I purchased them at Wal-mart in the kids craft section. They are 3/4" in size. I did try some larger 1.7 oz bottles of swirl glitter glue and they kept falling down but rest assured these particular magnets do hold the average size bottles (.5 to 1 oz)  perfectly.

I have removed some of the glitter glue bottles so you can see I store my Distress Crackle paint the same way by putting the magnets on the lids. I'm not positive but you could probably store the Adirondack Acrylic Paint Daubers this way too if they aren't too heavy.  You CAN'T store the traditional bottle of acrylic paint this way because they are 2 oz unless you get stronger magnets.

Materials needed for my glitter glue, paint and liquid pearl storage
Metal surface (ie. magnetic shelf, magnetic strip or cookie sheet)
Magnets (3/4" button magnets) available at Walmart
High temp hot glue or other strong liquid glue

If you don't have a magnetic shelving unit you can use a cookie sheet as seen above. Check out more info on Bea Originals blog here.

Velcro works in much the same manner as the magnets. Mariposa used an acrylic picture frame and velcro to store her bottles. More info here. You could easily place velcro anywhere you want to store your bottles even on the wall or inside cabinet doors.

Looking for a cheap storage solution that makes use of wall space...well Living/laughinscrapper did an amazing job with that as you can see above. She used those plastic mini storage crates and inserted the Stickles through the holes. See more info here.

Ron had a great and cheap storage idea too. He used couplings found at your local home improvement store. Check out his blog here.

As you can see above Ron has a similar idea for storing paint daubers using 1" pvc pipe. Check out the deets here.

If you have a peg board....Thistlegirl discovered screw driver holders fit Stickles perfectly. Check out her post here.

If you need portable storage...Army Scrappin' Diva has the perfect solution. She applied velcro to the lid of an Iris type container. That way when the container is closed the Stickles remain upside down.

There are several products on the market specifically made for storing these items.  I believe though my money is better spent making homemade and frugal storage solutions so that is how I chose what to present on this blog.  I'd rather spend my money on actual crafting  supplies.  I do have a few other options on my Pinterest site.  Click here to see my board.  If you aren't a member I'd be happy to invite you just give me your e-mail address.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to join me next Monday for the next item I get organized.
P.S. I'd love for you to share with us your glitter glue, paint or liquid pearl storage system.  Just click on the Inlikz tool below to do so.



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