Tuesday, September 07, 2010

And the winner is............

Hi everyone,
    I'd like to thank all of you for participating in my little guessing game this past holiday weekend.  It was fun checking my e-mail and seeing your guesses.
So I know you are all dying to know what this interesting animal is.  The name the tour guide gave us is Zedonk.  It is a animals whose parents were a zebra and a donkey.  They are soo very insteresting.  Another name for them is Zonkey.   When I took this photo I was just a few feet away from them.   I will tell you more about this wonderful place we went to see all these great animals in another blog post but for now let's get on the winner of this contest!
My daughter is 3 and since she can not read I figured she would be the best one to do the drawing.
The winnner is ESTHER WOO BENJAMIN.  Congrats Esther..you get to choose 1 free file (no collections please) from my store.  Since soo many of you were soo close in your guess I have decided to save all your names and automatically enter you in a blog candy drawing.   That is as soon as I find some time to get one together.  I'm thinking maybe next week.  Check back you never know you may win!

Adoree was sick this weekend  with a cold and such.  So I stayed home with her while Tyler and Daddy went to Poe Valley State Park.  Tyler got to make some handmade paper.  His favorite colors are blue and green but they didn't have any blue so green it is!  He had a blast.  He liked it sooo much that he wants Daddy to make him a screen so we can make paper at home.  I'm pretty sure I saw kits for sale somewhere so this may be a good birthday gift.  If anyone has purchased a good paper making kit please let me know where you got it.  I would love to make my own paper too because that paper is wonderful for making handmade paper flowers.   Anyway, you can see some photos of his paper making adventures below.  He even got to use an iron..something Mommy never let him do!

Above is a scan of Tyler's paper but it looks much better in person.  Okay gotta run...as Adoree and I must go to help the ladies of the church make quilts. 

Have a great week...catch ya Friday for my Frugal Friday special!


Anna said...

Congrats Esther!!! I hope your little one is better. Love the homemade paper. Looks awesome. I've tried to make it once but didn't look nearly as nice as this. Great job. Thanks for all you do :) Love the picture of this. So neat!!!