Friday, April 09, 2010

Frugal Fridays: $1.00 alpha charm letters today only

Hi everyone,
     Well another week gone.  "Poof" just like that!  I can't believe Easter is over and we are embarking on Summer.  I know Summer is still quite a few weeks away but we had a sample of it this week.  We had glorious sunshiny weather with temps in the 80s.   I can't remember Easter ever being that warm...we even colored eggs on the picnic table.  I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as well!    It was great....and left us wanting the warmer weather to stay...but it is a little colder today.   That's okay...I'm definitely not ready to turn on the air conditioners!

    Before I tell you about my Frugal Friday special...I wanted to say thanks to everyone who left a comment and downloaded the card base.   It makes me smile big wide to know that you liked it!  With two young children running around my house...I'm all about making life easier.   So be on the look out for more of these card bases!

   Okay now for my Frugal Friday special I'll be featuring my Alphabet Charm Letters: Uppercase for $1.00 only.  The price will magically disappear at midnight EST today (April 9, 2010).   So grab it now if you are interested.   Click on the preview below to purchase but before you go I have some projects to share with you.  Oh and you can easily make these paper charms look like real metal charms using my faux metal technique.  Click here in case you missed it.  Also, Paperthreads has some thin metal sheets that cut great in your cutter for sale here.    It appears the aluminum in sold out so keep checking back but copper is also available here.  It is a real copper sheet and will patina over time..I love the patina look!

Below is a wonderful layout CDT member Sandra did using the charm letters.  I love how they hang great using the brads and go perfectly with her gold metal charms.

Shelly e-mailed me with a wonderful Spring project she did using my Year Round Floral Shaped Card.  I just love the what she did but I may be partial since her name is the same as mine!  LOL!

Here is a description she gave me of what she used.

"I cut all the flower parts out of the same yellow and then chalked them to get the color effects!  Even chalked the stamen part!  Then stamped and embossed a sentiment on each one!  Sentiments are.... different words and you create your own.  Paper with them says Clear Stamps the Paper Studio  (Hobby Lobby!)  Everyday expression.  Flower pot is metallic paper, leaves is glitter paper, and even the flower paper is kind of shiney (no idea where I got that at)"
It's amazing how much depth and shading she got just from chalking the pieces.   I think I need to find that sentiment set....sounds like an ideal way to add a quick personalized sentiment to a card.  I wish I had a HL near me or any crafting store for that matter!  Oh well at least I won't go broke!

Click preview below if you'd like to purchase this file.

Oh and in case you are wondering what the SH Designs stands for it's Shelly's store.
Click here to go to her store.  Shelly has such a variety of embroidered pieces.  I love the organizers she made!  She even has a holder to carry your Nintendo DS and all the accessories.  Amazing! 

I do apologize for not having any techniques or organizational tips as I promised I would.   It's not for a lack of trying...I do have many organizational projects ongoing  but I don't want to share with you any photos until it's complete.  So one day in the future....hopefully.  I also hope next week to share with you some paper flowers...

I'm going to a crop and am trying to prepare mini kits so I don't have to bring the kitchen sink!  LOL!  So I'd better get busy as the crop is tonight.  I'm very will be great to share face to face adult conversation with others who are as passionate as I am about paper crafts!  I can't wait to show you some layouts tooo as I'm sure you guys probably think all I make is cards!

Okay dishes are calling too!  Have a great weekend!