Friday, February 19, 2010

Frugal Friday: $1.00 Happy file makes you want to smile and dance!

Just popping in to share with you my Frugal Friday special.  I created this file when I became a designer for Paperthreads in Oct 2008.   I was soo excited to get chosen that I was doing the happy dance.  Just like the little guy below.  If you have happy dance moments you'd like to remember in a scrapbook page this file is perfect for you.  It's only $1.00 today.  The price will magically disappear at midnight EST Feb 19, 2010.   This file also works great for congratulations cards.  Click on the preview below to purchase.

Well we took my son to the ER last night.   Went around 7:00 I think and didn't come home until 12:30.  They were super busy and understaffed as usual.  He had vomiting and diarrhea..he couldn't even keep water down so our doc recommended he go to the ER for IV fluids.  Poor little guy was such a trooper...he got poked soo many times trying to get the IV in and then again because the nurse forgot to draw a blood sample before putting the IV in.  He held very still all the while....and was very patient while we were waiting.  We are sooo proud of him.   Just gave in Ginger Ale and now I'm going to see if toast will stay down.  He says he is soo hungry and was crying because he wants a Pop Tart!  Poor little guy!  Well I'd better go take care of him!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Elizabeth and her daughter are coming to see us!  Yeah!



Sue aka barracudasue said...

Hey, Shelly, I have a question for you. HOW is your house time 2 minutes behind official PT time? ROFLOL!!!!!!!!

Love the little happy dance guy! TOO cute!

Caroline said...

I do hope Tyler is feeling better soon!

Have fun with Elizabeth and her daughter :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Tyler is feeling better. Sure isn't fun for us adults, hate seeing the little one's feeling bad. Rest and feed the guy what ever he can eat. Games

Penny Duncan Creations said...

Hey Shelly.....Girl I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for your amazing email you send me!!! I am truly touched and I thank you for that!!!!! I needed that smile today as I have a wonderful case of Strep thank you so much....I'm SO thrilled that I'm able to create something others might enjoy....I hope you have a very blessed day!!

gg said...