Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exploding Boxes, spider boxes and turkeys!

I'm sorry I know I haven't blogged in ages. My son came down with the Swine flu and missed a whole week of school last week. So...this week I'm trying to play catch up and get ready for Halloween! To top things off I lost my cell phone while we were picking pumpkins! Fortunately, it was found! Someone must have been watching out for me...because there were tons of people and kids at the pumpkin patch but it was left on the table where it landed when it fell out of my purse. So I consider myself blessed! You know I haven't shared many photos lately...especially of my daughter. So I'll post the pumpkin patch one! As you can see my daughter still is pulling out her hair when she sucks her thumb. We hate seeing her bald! Any advice on how to deal with this would soo be appreciated!

Oh take a look at that face my son was making! Go figure...our daughter looks pretty good and he looks like he saw something gross! We had such a hard time getting either one to sit still....maybe we'll have better luck with Halloween photos!

Don't forget I'm hosting the quarterly membership club at Paperthreads this month...a great deal for a great price. Click on the preview below to purchase it.

What's that you say?! You don't want to purchase the membership because you don't want to pay for files you may not like! Well I have just the thing that will hopefully convince you otherwise! My CDT member Lisa Lindesmith cut my exploding box. It will be the first file in the membership..starting Nov. 1st. I think she did an awesome job! I just love the colors. If you join my membership you will get the exploding box, the flower/bow you see on the lid of the box and the 3-D tree..and that is just the beginning. I will be back sometime soon with another preview of an important date rolodex file I have in the works.

Have you purchased my spider box yet? I know many of you have as I am loving all the spiders that have crawled into my mailbox. You can buy it for less than $2.00 during the month of Oct. Click here if you want to purchase it. I still have to make one more myself for my son as trick or treating is Sat! Here are a few that customers have shared.

I love how Susan put flocking on the spider to make him fuzzy and those jewel eyes are sooo pretty! She also created her own patterned paper by stamping images on plain clever!

Linda made a bunch of boxes and mailed them to her sister..then her sister decided to decorate her table with them. They look great sprinkled around that gorgeous centerpiece! I never thought about mailing the boxes....I do have friends that live a far and may not get to see them for Christmas...boxes may just be a good gift for them as if I send a variety they can use them all year. Pssst....I'll have more box files included in my membership.

I was looking at all the items in my store and realized...gasp..I didn't have a thing related to Thanksgiving. Since you guys like my build a file soo much I decided to do a build a turkey file. Click on the preview below to purchase it. You choose what style feather, eyes and feet you want and you can even dress up your turkey with pilgrim costumes. With all the options in this file you could even create a whole family of gobblers!

I have some projects to share using my jack o lantern file but I will save them for another day. We are making witch hat treats and I plan on sharing how to make those tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!


Caroline said...

Shelly, your Exploding Box is Gorgeous!! can't wait for this membership to start! Hope your son is on the mend, what a rough time he is having lately.. hugs, caz

Sue aka barracudasue said...

You are such a tease showing us the first file on your membership! LOL

Hope your son feels better and your photos of the kids are adorable.

I'm going to sneak over to your Store and see if I can manage to buy a couple of things. Shhhh, don't tell my husband! ROFLOL