Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July photos and preview of upcoming files.

My hubby wasn't feeling well so we didn't go watch the fireworks. I was a little sad since I just love fireworks photos and doing layouts with them. So I decided to buy some cheapy small scale fireworks and we lit them at home. I got some awesome photos. Check them out below! I hope everyone had a good holiday full of family, friends, laughter and love!

These are my two kids...I dressed them patriotically (my obsession). Aren't they the cutest!

This is a simple firework but I was quite impressed!

This is my son playing with sparklers. This is the first year he wasn't afraid of these and other loud firework noises. Yeah!

This is my son twirling around and around in a circle with the sparklers.

A close up of his circle...tooo cool or whatever words are "in" these days!

My son had so much fun we bought more fireworks today at half price! Maybe I'll take some more photos tonight...I told you I love fireworks photos!

Here are a few previews I have coming to my gallery at Cuttersmarket. I just have to test cut them and convert then they'll be ready!

Thanks for reading and look. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!