Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Sale

It's almost time for Halloween again!  Are you ready?!  This year we lucked out and got some great costumes at the used clothing shops.  A tumble in the laundry and they are as good as new!  I can't believe how expensive costumes are in the department stores! I actually remember to buy glow sticks this year too.  Yipee! 

I am always on the look for ways to save money.  Most recently I made my own fabric softener using water, hair conditioner and vinegar.  Surprisingly enough it works great!  I make quite a  few of my own cleaning products and stuff.  I thought about posting my recipes on this blog.  Would you guys like to see that?  Please leave a comment.

I thought maybe you'd like to save some money too so I am having a Halloween sale at my store.  Click on the preview Ad below or HERE to go shopping.  I have over 50 products and many of them are under $1.00 with the sale.  I have added several new Halloween files to help you prepare for the upcoming holiday too!

A few of my new files:

Spider Box
Witchy Poo digital stamp

Pumpkin Witch

Thanks soo much for stopping by!  I hope you have a great day/night!  Come back again!



kathy serrahn said...

would love to see your recipes for cleaning products